Exhibition “Ulrike Ottinger – Retrospective”

Exhibition “Ulrike Ottinger – Retrospective”

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Goethe Institut VietnamUlrike Ottinger - Retrospective

Opening: Fri 11 Jan, 6.30 pm
Film screening: Fri 11 Jan, 7 pm
Exhibition: 12 – 31 Jan 2013

From Goethe Institut:

The photographer and artist will exhibit a representative selection of her work: portraits, everyday life scenes, architecture and travel photographs. Ulrike Ottinger is regarded as one of the most self-willed German filmmakers of international stature. Her oeuvre spans from the surreal theatrical and stylized artificiality through ethnological portrayals; from the fictional to the documentary.
She finds her motives in Europe, Asia and North America. This exhibition centers on her large-format photographs which often correspond to the film works, but still put their very own visual accents. Regional focal points include China and Mongolia, which Ottinger has visited repeatedly. In the center of her images are the outlandish, offbeat and grotesque of those places. The construction of images often arranged very strictly, contrasting bright colors and unusual style of productions, triggers fear and joy at the same time.

The exhibition has been created in a close collaboration with the artist. After the opening the Goethe-Institut presents Ulrike Ottinger’s„Under Snow” (2011), a documentary film about a mountain village of Japan with magical elements.


Ulrike Ottinger was born in Konstanz in 1942. She lived in Paris from 1961-69 as a painter and photographer, where she also wrote her first film script »Die mongolische Doppelschublade« Graphic works originated at the Atelier Friedländer. She returned to Germany in 1969, where she founded the film club Visuell in cooperation with a film seminar at the Universität Konstanz. She directed the club until 1972.

She has lived in Berlin since 1973 and works also as a film author and as a director of plays and opera.

Both her films and her photographic work have been shown in numerous retrospectives and exhibitions, including at the Venice Biennale (1980), at the Cinémathèque française, Paris (1980, 1982), at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2000, 2004), at the Kunst-Werke Berlin (2001).

Free Admission.

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