Exhibition and Performance “Rural Market”

Exhibition and Performance “Rural Market”

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Exhibition and Performance Rural Market

Sat 02 Mar 2013, 10.30 am
Football playground at the sandbank in the middle of the Red River, near Long Bien Bridge (See picture below)

From the organizer:
Welcome to the combination of Exhibition and Performance: “Rural market” with the participation of Vietnamese and foreign artists. Painter Nguyen Than will exhibit his “Rural Market”  painting which is 180m2 length and combine with performance artists Dao Anh Khanh, Doan Minh Hoan, contemporary musicians: Robert Pepper and Brett Zweiman from New York to recreate village life and culture throughout thousand generations.

During the one-hour show, the artists are involved with the following roles:
– Painter Nguyen Than: painting exhibition and saxophone performance
– Musician Robert Pepper: contemporary music with flute and traditional percussion section of Vietnamese village
– Musician Brett Zueiman: playing contemporary music with drums, gongs of the village
– Artist Dao Anh Khanh, Doan Minh Hoan: Completion of contemporary art dance performance

Please click on the picture for bigger size:

san bong

Grapevine called 1080 (the Hanoi Tel- service to answer every questions) and they say we can turn into Lane 310 Nghi Tam or 124 Au Co then follow the road leading to the sandbank in the middle of the Red River. We haven’t tried it, so we can’t guarantee the accuracy of the directions. Good luck!


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