Bao cap Bowls at Bookworm Too

Bao cap Bowls at Bookworm Too

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logo_BookwormBao cap Bowls at Bookworm Too

Jun and Jul 2013
Bookworm Too

From Bookworm:

A couple of years ago the Bookworm’s manager, young Nguyen Kien from Hai Duong Province started to collect discarded ceramic bowls and plates made during and prior to the 1976 to 1986 ‘Subsidy Era’ (thoi ky bao cap).

The blue and white functional ceramics made in potteries in Bat Trang, in small potteries in Hai Duong and by Chinese ethnic people established in coastal areas of Quang Ninh, are now a rarity.

Kien, who has now started his own Bookcafe at the Agriculture University, will exhibit a selection of his extensive hand turned, hand painted collection at Bookworm Too during June and July. All items are for sale with all proceeds to Kien.

Most bowls and plates have a unique character. Private viewings can be arranged.

The Bookworm is the best little book cafe in Southeast Asia and the coolest place to browse.

Bookworm Too
Lane 1/28, Nghi Tam Village, Hanoi
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  1. Bạn ơi cho mình hỏi bát đĩa thời bao cấp hiện nay còn không? Mình rất thích mua mấy đồ sành này về dùng nhưng không có nơi nào bán.

    • Chào Ngân. Bài viết này đã đăn từ 2013 nên bọn mình cũng không biết Boookworm còn bán đồ gốm không. Bạn vui lòng liên hệ Bookworm theo số điện thoại và email trong link này xem sao nhé:

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