KVT – A Glittering Performance

KVT – A Glittering Performance

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KVT finds out that all that glitters from Luxembourg is GOLD

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You have to hand it to the Luxembourgers, they certainly know how to come up with the goods. Last week they had a 3 day culture fest that was blow your mind type stuff.

Due to other commitments and the fact that I’d been in the mountains when tickets were released  to the public, I only managed to get along to one event,  and that one event was  truly, truly glittering

Wednesday Sun Glitters (alias Victor Ferreira) took center stage at the Youth Theatre.
Sun Glitters 3
If I use the argot of his musical genre I could paraphrase a recent reviewer and say….the man cuts together glitteringly lush sunshine vocal samples with stop-start minimal beats surrounded in wave after wave of synths. The dream-pop, chillwave, synthwave scenes are saturated with acts that are hard to distinguish between or have any originality in the music …but there are certainly a few good acts out there and Ferreira certainly falls into this camp.

For me, translating the above reminded me of coming to terms with Nadsat, the argot spoken by the Droogs in Anthony Burgess’ novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’, but once you acclimatize to it starts to make a sort of sense until gradually it becomes real language and you can pop a few phrases into your everyday vocabulary to impress people or be part of the specific cultural group.

But Sun Glitters in concert doesn’t need translation.

He sits centre stage hunched behind his consol playing his music with a screen behind showing videos he has made to convey an emotional intensity to his sounds.

This hour long, non stop show was a montage of his compositions from 2011 when he became Sun Glitters instead of Sug(r)cane and when he commenced with the first I was impressed but wondered if I’d be able to sit through an hour of if (I mean, usually I feel that I have to be on your feet and moving to the spells cast by the music and images rather than sitting stolidly)


Then about ten minutes into the show, as the images began to theme issues of alienation, self harm and loneliness a lone, female dancer segued out of the shadows and added a dimension that lifted the show into the realms of really excellent theatre. At times, she’d drift off stage and return at just the right time to add depth and illumination to the music, which by now had become hypnotic. The only time that I thought that she could have desisted was in the last five or so minutes when the music and videos were tumbling back into each other towards a redemption and her choreography seemed a bit too athletic and dominant and took your eye away from the pathos of it all

Occasionally a percussionist would segue into the music, quietly and effortlessly and add another visual dimension to the intense drama.

Some more clips of Sun Glitter music plus visuals used during the performance below

Luxembourg, so I read, is a Grand Duchy that has accepted lots of immigrants over the years, I guess to work in its industrial and service industry base, and  Portuguese, like Sun Glitters, now make up about one tenth of its half million or so population.

And to prove that providing havens for immigrants has loads of plusses host countries, the dancer is from an Italian immigrant family.

Sun Glitters 4

Sylvia Camarda is one of those dancers it is an honor to have seen dance…..to use the argot of dance writers: she develops a universe and a style appropriate to each production. She endeavors to use her technique and boundless energy in the service of physical and generous dance, notable for the carnal presence of the body. She then presents this in choreography and theatrical language of obvious force and sexuality’

Images at this site indicate that energy and carnality and theatricality that put her on top of my must follow dancers in future European travels…and also in the top bracket of contemporary choreographers and performers and the clip below of  a trailer  of her solo theatre piece,’ Warrior of Beauty’, which she danced on Thursday night, will make all you contemporary dance freaks realize why I am star struck 

She has an even more alluring and magnetic stage presence and visual appeal than Cate Blanchet.

Percussionist Tran Xuan Hoa has been around the sound music scene for a few months (plus lots of months on the classical music and world music scenes) and if you see him billed with some of our own composer/muscians like Vu Nhat Tan, then it’s a good idea to rush the ticket box for an excellent night’s music.

Tran Xuan Hoa, Vu Nhat Tan

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