Screening of “For June” (Dành cho tháng sáu) and Live Set “Ngọt”

Screening of “For June” (Dành cho tháng sáu) and Live Set “Ngọt”


Danh cho thang sau

Mon 02 Jun 2014, 7.30 pm
Hầm Hành

From The Onion Cellar:

THE ONION CELLAR can’t wait to help you exorcise the ghosts of student days (or if you’re still a student this is gonna be a necessary reminder (enjoy it)).

A perfect Onion Cellar-ish combination of cinema and music: a rare screening of Vietnamese independent film DÀNH CHO THÁNG SÁU (FOR JUNE) – featuring a Q&A session with director Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn.

Plus a pre-film live set from NGỌT – one of the most exciting (young) Vietnamese groups these days.

Director: Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn
81 mins
Languages: Vietnamese, with English subtitles

The first love and the last match.

Close friends Kien, Hoang and Minh’s perfect summer break is threatened when Kien suddenly leaves for his home village, abandoning his high school basketball team days before they face their most challenging game in an important competition. Realising that Kien’s unrequited love for Minh drove him away, Hoang and Minh go search for Kien in an attempt to save their friendship and the game.


Little streams do make big rivers.

NGỌT is an exciting trio of university students who write and perform breezy intimate songs that can sometimes pass for lullabies. Sounding little (if any) similar to their peers in the local rock/folk scene, the band exists in a bedroom of their own – though quite possibly one would find in this room: a copy of Pink Floyd’s Animals, the full Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs box-set, The Microphones’ The Glow Pt. 2, and perhaps a portrait of Lou Reed hanging somewhere on the wall. Or, you know, like that scene in Tran Anh Hung’s At the Height of Summer

Fronted by singer/guitarist Vu Dinh Trong Thang who croons surprisingly charming wisdoms (with just a tiny hint of bittersweet existentialism) over quirky instrumentation partly courtesy of guitarist Tuan Tran and drummer Nam Anh, NGỌT is truly a band you do not come across everyday. It all seems so effortless it feels like the music waltzs itself into existence, and one can hardly wait to see what the immediate future holds for this young promising group. The Onion Cellar is super chuffed to have them perform at Hầm Hành.

Tickets: VND 20,000 at doors.

Hầm Hành
170 Doi Can Str, Hanoi


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