Film Screening “When the Autumn Sunlight Comes”

Film Screening “When the Autumn Sunlight Comes”

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Thu 05 Mar 2015, 7.30 pm

From Friends of Heritage:

Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) would like to present to its members the screening of “When the autumn sunlight comes” or “Khi nắng thu về” – produced by Director Bui Trung Hai.

When Autumn Sun Returns is, at heart, a story about growing up, stuffing up, and trying to make good in a harsh world.

We first meet Trung in Autumn in a very recognisable modern-day Hanoi. He is young and confident, even a little reckless. Why shouldn’t he be? He has a beautiful girlfriend and just got himself a dream job as a TV presenter. But a quick succession of very believable events throws his life in to disarray. With help, he manages to pick himself up and dust himself off, only to fall again.

Over the course of one formative year in Trung’s life, the film oscillates in this way between good and bad developments – including an awakening of some dark elements in Trung (reminiscent at times of Deniro in ‘Taxi Driver’). His life is balanced on a knife-edge. How will he end up by the time Autumn returns?

This movie won the Gold Remi Award for First Feature Film at the 41st Houston Film Festival (USA – 2008), and was one of 5 Nominations for Best Feature Film at the 4th biennale Vietnam International Film Festival (Irvine, Los Angeles, USA – 2009).

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles – run time 103 minutes.

Afterwards will be a question and answer session with Director Mr. Bui Trung Hai.

Cost: 150,000vnd
Limit: 90 participants
To reserve seats contact: [email protected]

Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive our email.

Please pick up and pay for your tickets on the evening of the event at the cinema (7:00 to 7:15 pm). As a courtesy to those on the waiting list please cancel if you can’t come (phone 090 602 0960). Reserved seating tickets are allocated on a first come – first served basis.

We don’t pre-book seating but if you come early you can pick your favorite seats.

Hanoi Cinematheque
22A Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội
At the end of the alley leading to Artist’s Hotel


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