Film Screening “Princesas”

Film Screening “Princesas”

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Tue 10 Feb 2015, 7.30 pm
La Bicicleta

From the organizer:

Welcome to the screening of film “Princesas” (2005, 113 mins).

About the film

Princesas is a 2005 film by Spanish director Fernando León de Aranoa.

The Princesas in the film are two prostitutes: Caye, a Spaniard who is hiding her profession from her family, and Zulema, who is saving money to send to her family in the Dominican Republic. The two women ply their trade on the streets of Madrid.

Caye (Candela Peña), finds rival prostitute Zulema (Micaela Nevárez) badly beaten. Even though the attacker was one of Caye’s regular clients, she takes the other woman to the hospital and watches over her. The two become friends, forming a bond over their common desire for a better life.

Free entrance.

Language: Spanish – English subtitle

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La Bicicleta
44, lane 31 Xuan Dieu Str, Hanoi


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