Exhibition “Hanoi – a Living Museum” of Nguyen The Son

Exhibition “Hanoi – a Living Museum” of Nguyen The Son

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exhibition Hanoi a living museum

Opening: Fri 24 Apr 2015, 3 pm
Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Center
50 Dao Duy Tu, Hanoi

Exhibition: 24 Apr – 09 Jun 2015 24 May 2015
Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Center
and 42 – 44 Hang Bac street, 38 Hang Dao street, 87 Ma May street

From the artist:

You are invited to the exhibition “Hanoi – a Living Museum” by artist Nguyen The Son.

The exhibition is organized by the Hanoi’s Old Quarter authorities in the occasion of the opening of the Cultural Exchange Center at 50 Dao Duy Tu and the anniversary of 30 Apr – 01 May. The exhibition comprises of 2 parts: Looking for the community house (Đình in the old quarters) and Nhà Tây Transforms, which was exhibited at Manzi, together with some new artworks.

“Unlike the younger Saigon, Hanoi is a city with a very old established history. For me Hanoi is like a living body which is beautiful but whose form is shaped by the variability of the times. Hanoi is where layers of era and history, comings and goings, cascade like the geological stratum of time. Looking at the signs of fracture and remnants of an old Hanoi mixed with the symbols and imagines of the modern age makes me feel like I’m excavating through historic layers of the metropolis. So I think of Hanoi as a living museum that embodies the complete archive of past memories and assimilates the flowing and changing rhythms of contemporary life. This very concept and approach forms the background of my artistic projects. As if a debtor to the city, I tirelessly seek out and decipher the tenous linkages between the remaining visual signs of the past etched upon the facades of the structures and thing that that arrive all at once, then all of disappear in the relentless spiraling circle of today’s consumption society. Every project comes to me as a way to find new material, language or approach that is capable of delivering what I want to demonstrate. It can be silk painting, photography, calligraphy, installation art, videos or even a new visual language I call photo relief. Each artistic project raises a question to me and the audience about Hanoi’s values, the values of cultural and living spaces that we used to have and trying to build today, and what they will become in the future.”

(Nguyen The Son)


  1. TRiển lãm hà nội tổ chức ở đâu vậy?, tận 3 nơi là sao????. E cũng muốn đi ạ

    • Chào bạn, thông tin của nghệ sỹ Thế Sơn gửi cho chúng tôi là như vậy. Bạn có thể đến địa chỉ 50 Đào Duy Từ trước nhé, đó là nơi diễn ra lễ khai mạc và là địa điểm trưng bày chính.

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