Alia Ali & Cambodia Living Arts in Conversation

Alia Ali & Cambodia Living Arts in Conversation

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Thu 27 Oct 2016, 3 – 5 pm
Heritage Space

From Heritage Space:

You’re invited to attend the Artist Talk between Alia Ali, Yemeni-Bosnian-American artist and the group Cambodia Living Arts. It’s part of project Month of Arts Practice 2016, initiated and organized by Heritage Space.


15:00 – 15:40 | Presentation of artist Alia Ali
15:40 – 16:20 | Presentation of artists of Cambodia Living Arts
16:30 – 17:00 | Artist discussion, Q&A

Moderator: Karla Franielczyk

In the talk, Alia Ali will share her thinking behind the Cast No Evil series, her journey in obtaining fabrics, and the process of taking these auto-portraits. Furthermore, she will talk about her current project, the People of Pattern which develops this series over the span of seven months and seven countries.

Alia Ali (Austria, 1985) is a Yemeni-Bosnian-American multi-media artist and visual storyteller. Having traveled to fifty-three countries, lived in seven and grown up among five languages, her most comfortable mode of communication is through image and multi-sensory mediums. Alia’s aesthetic interests stem from people, place, and the processes which unite and divide us, all at once. Her work reflects on the politics and poetics of contested notions surrounding the topics of identity, physical borders, universality, mental/ physical spaces of confinement, and the inherent dualism that exists in everything. Her work blurs the lines between what we claim to be objective and subjective, illusion and reality, truth and interpretation.

Alia is a graduate of the United World College of the Atlantic (UWCAC) and holds a BA in Studio Art and Middle Eastern Studies from Wellesley College. Her studio is based between New Orleans and Marrakech. Her recent work has been featured at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Marrakech Biennale and at PhotoLondon as part of the LenCulture Exposure Awards 2015.

Arts for Transformation: Cambodia

Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) believes that arts are at the heart of a vital society. Our vision is that arts, and therefore artists and cultural workers, are essential to a thriving future for Cambodia.

One of CLA’s main annual programs, “Living Arts Fellows” supports personal and professional development for emerging leaders in the Cambodian arts sector. Each year, we support 4-6 individuals to participate in the program, in order to develop their networks, reflect on their values and vision for their work in the arts, and to connect with peers and mentors from all over Asia.

At this event, you will hear more about CLA and the context of arts in Cambodia today. You will also hear from the 4 Fellows – Dina, visual artist, Dara, entrepreneur, Helene, communications, and Borin, producer, about themselves, their work, and their visions for the future.


Month of Arts Practice is an annual project of Heritage Space and was initiated by artist Tran Trong Vu, aiming to create space for composing, testing, practicing new art ideas, upon cooperation and interaction of international and Vietnamese artists.

In 2015, Month of Arts Practice has been very successful with the theme “Brownian Movement”. This year, the program also will be an opportunity for Vietnam artists with practice and learning experience with reputed international artists during 6 weeks (from 17 September to 31 October 2016) . Moreover, in order to support the development of Vietnam Contemporary Art, the organizer Heritage Space would like to create an open and interactive forum through a series of activities to introduce and dialogue between artists, professionals and the public.

With the theme “Limited and Infinite”, the artists participating in Month for Arts Practice-version 2nd will find ways to change the surface, the limited spaces, and the specific images. They will put on those other factors so that there are no longer limits or borders. For example, the visual game of mirrors, light, or repeated shapes, the idea behind pictures, or the integration of mathematics, geometry, philosophy into art.

Heritage Space is a combination of an art gallery, a library, a concert hall, co-working office, residency space, artist studios and some open-stages, which has the capacity to host art exhibitions, music events, educational programs, multi-creative forms, artist-in-residency programs and others. Run by a group of curators, artists, researchers, musicians and architects, Heritage Space’s mission is to become a HUB for individuals and groups working on multi-disciplines from both inside and outside of the country to support and develop the creative industries in Vietnam.

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