Exhibition “Reimagine the Artist/Artisan”

Exhibition “Reimagine the Artist/Artisan”

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Opening: Thu 05 Jan 2016, 7 pm
Exhibition: 05 – 12 Jan 2017, 10 am – 5 pm
Six Space

From the organizer:

Observing the modernization and commercialization process which has gradually eroded the traditional craft villages in Vietnam as at the same time the crisis of young artists struggling to find a new mediums of expressing their ideas and seeking inspiration for their creations, the organizer has initiated and implemented the “Reimagine the artist/ artisan” project in 2016 with generous support from Prince Claus Foundation.

Over the last 12 months, the artists from the project have visited and conducted intensive research in more than 50 craft villages in the Red River area. They then have continuous conversations and worked tightly with artisans from some of the chosen villages. Along with this mutual learning and creative process, there were talks and workshops retelling stories from those villages to a wider public in Hanoi. The interaction and exchange between artist – artisan – researcher – the audience is a very crucial part in shaping the final art works. The organizer wants to pose again the question about the whether the author of a work of art is really important. Where is the borderline between folk art and academia art? How was the relation between technique and concept shown in arts and crafts?

5 creative artworks from Nguyen Huy An, Ngo Thanh Bac, Le Giang, Tran Thu Hang and Dao Le Hong My in collaboration with the artisans are the different approaches that we would like us to interpret and answer for those questions. Trained under the influence from Western aesthetic, five artists have approached and applied the traditional materials in many dynamic ways: from materials, images or the stories they want to tell. The main inspiration from all the works come from life and spiritual myths. The return to traditional materials and this spiritual and folk theme is a way for the artists to find their cultural roots to apply in their creative works and contemporary design following the flow of time in the trend of urbanization and globalization. Besides, the artworks from Reimagine the artist/ artisan which are the experiment combining between artistic concept, techniques and artisan’s tales, attempted to take the first step to create new creative works for the traditional villages.


Born in 1982 in Hanoi and graduating from Fine Art University in 2008, Nguyen Huy An is considered one of the most dynamic and innovative artists of his generation. Huy An’s work represents an exploration of the darker side of psychology. From installations, performance art to paintings and sculpture, his art is highly acclaimed by international critics and curators for their introspective, simple and strong concepts. Huy An has participated in a number of exhibitions and performance art festivals in Vietnam and internationally. He is a member of the performance art group Appendix .

Bac graduated from Fine Art University in 2008. He participated in numerous exhibitions with visual and performance work. He is one of the six members of Appendix Group – a performance art group that use daily objects as analogical tools to demonstrate repetitive and somewhat unreasonable behavior over an extended period of time in order to reflect social issues or personal preoccupations.

Hang is a visual artist who graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 2009. She is well known for her work in artistic doll making. She has has several solo and group exhibitions. Since 2012, she started exploring new materials in art practice. For Hang, making art is a natural desire of the artist to share feelings and ideas with a larger society.

Hong My studied architecture in Hanoi and graduated with an MA in Ecological Architecture Design in England during 2012. She is an architect with a strong passion for research. Her design and scientific papers investigate environmental friendly and sustainable energy solutions. Her papers were presented at a PLEA conference in Germany and VERSUS in Spain. In 2014, she won the first prize in FuturArc – an architectural design competition in Asia; second prize in Spec Go Green in 2015 and first prize in CPDC Africa in 2016. Currently living and working in Vietnam, she is interested to investigate the local cultural values and natural materials. In 2016, she started her own business Trai Ca, where she researches, collects materials about craft villages and finds ways to apply natural materials to life.

After completing her MA in Fine Art in London, Le Giang returned to her native Hanoi to start SIX SPACE – an independent art and education space as well as continued her mixed media practice. Her works range from installations to illustration, often feature fragile materials like ash, glass, coal, plaster, and explore questions regarding the human condition, not only in contemporary Vietnam but elsewhere. As a visual artist and creative educator she would like to offer young people and children a new way to approach the art world.

Free admission.

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Six Space
6th floor, 94B Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi


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