Exhibition “Đục Rỗng / Lấp Đầy”

Exhibition “Đục Rỗng / Lấp Đầy”

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Opening: Fri 11 Aug 2017, 7 pm
Artist talk: Fri 11 Aug 2017, 5 – 7 pm
Exhibition: 11 – 25 Aug 2017, 3 – 7 pm (Wed to Sun)
Nha San Collective

From Nha San Collective:

To Burrow (Đục) / To Fill (Lấp) are antonymous verbs.
Void (Rỗng) / Whole (Đầy) are opposite adjectives.
When placed together, the pair Đục Rỗng / Lấp Đầy exposes a contradictory correlation: burrowing into one’s wholeness/ filling one’s void. The exhibition Đục Rỗng / Lấp Đầy accentuates a psychological and tangible “void-wholeness” through personal, private and contrasting inquires.

The exhibition space is divided into four rooms, with distinctive concerns. Thanh Vinh questions the filled/voided in national narrative, hence his use of fictional characters to strive for a rewritten history from individualistic standpoint. Thuy Anh utilizes domestic and direct task to confront the void/fullness within the relationship of the female body vs orthodoxical burden; or better yet, the relationship of abject/object – body/screen and the intimacy in-between. Kim Duy employs remnants of pictures to examine the narration of imaginative images through the concept of “segmentation” and “wholeness”. Nghia Dang uses painterly gesture in an effort to poke at the need for austerity in artmaking.

The work in the exhibition do not aim for concrete interpretation but rather an attempt toward materialization – a symbolic act of “filling” or “burrowing” – while hinting at individual wish of each artist in confronting their own voided reality.


Thanh Vinh (b. 1988) in Hanoi, Vietnam. He finished bachelor degree of Fine art in Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China in 2011, then came to The Netherlands for the Master of Fine Art in AKV|St.Joost in ‘s – Hertogenbosch in 2014. Thanh Vinh’s works represents how to connect both the tradition and the rapid change of globalization and mass media in the present and bring it to the future.

Thuy Anh (b.1993) is a visual artist from Hanoi, Viet Nam. She graduated from DePauw University in 2015 with a B.A in Studio Art and English (Writing) and currently enrolls at School of Visual Arts (New York City) for an M.F.A in Interdisciplinary Fine Art. Her body of work consists of installations, sculptures and videos.

Kim Duy (b. 1987) is a visual artist living and working in Hanoi. Duy’s work often incorporate a variety of media, subjects and systems.

Nghia Dang (b. 1994 in Ha Noi, Viet Nam) is currently finishing his B.A in Painting and Visual Critical Studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. Nghĩa mainly works with painting, incorporating a variety of form and medium in his practice.

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