Hanoi Grapevine Team THANK YOU!

Hanoi Grapevine Team THANK YOU!

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Hanoi Grapevine team at our 10th anniversary. Photo by Julie Vola
Hanoi Grapevine team at our 10th anniversary. Photo by Julie Vola

Our 10th anniversary last Saturday was a success with roughly 200 friends turning up to say hello, to show support, to meet the team and to enjoy a night of beautiful music!

A shoutout to Toong for hosting our event and for continuously supporting us during the preparation! Our appreciation to all Hanoi Grapevine’s partners who spared your time to come and celebrate with us! Big thumbs up to the artists for taking us into a magical musical journey! And our gratitude to generous sponsors who are also our friends, very very close friends indeed, who are Lam Nhat Son (Aladdin JSC), Brian & Elke, Daniel Hennebery and Nguyen Huyen Trang (Thankbrand).

And especially, a big THANH YOU to all friends who turned up and made the night such a great accomplishment!

Below are some videos that captured the night:

Founder Brian Ring’s opening speech on our Facebook livestream:

The current management team Mien and Hue introduced our production team and our future management team on our Facebook livestream:

One of the music acts with Nguyen Thuy Dung on Vietnamese zither, Daniel Henneberry and David Payne on guitar on our Facebook livestream:


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