Talk, Exhibition and Auction of Vietnamese Epic Poem Illustrations

Talk, Exhibition and Auction of Vietnamese Epic Poem Illustrations

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Opening and talk: Sat 02 Dec 2017, 9.30 am
Exhibition and auction: 02 – 31 Dec 2017
Dong A Gallery
3rd floor, Ca Chep Bookstore, 115 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Come to the talk, illustration exhibition and auction of the two Vietnamese epic poems: “The tale of Kieu” and “The tale of Luc Van Tien”. At the exhibition opening, artist Thanh Chuong and researcher Phan Cam Thuong will share with the audience the creative process of illustrating “The tale of Kieu” (published by Dong A). Illustrating a masterpiece is a challenge as well as an exciting experience that the artists, whose passions bring colors to the literature piece, have never had before.

During exhibition time, the organizers will start auctioning for all the illustrations exhibited. Previously, 7 special copies of “The tale of Kieu” with the illustrators’ signatures were auctioned online, gathering interest of many readers. Those who are interested can bid directly at the gallery, via phone, or via the internet. The auction will last throughout the exhibition.

Illustration exhibition and auction will take place from 02 Dec to 31 Dec 2017.

Guest speakers:

– Thanh Chuong is a remarkable artist in the Vietnam’s art scene in its reform era. He organized and gathered 15 contemporary artists to illustrate the 2017 edition of “Truyen Kieu”. In this edition, Thanh Chuong contributed 3 artworks in cover page 1, cover page 4 and the illustration “Doan vien” (Reunite).

– Researcher Phan Cam Thuong is known for his works in arts research, arts criticism and arts practice. In the 2017 edition of “Truyen Kieu”, he contributed the illustration of Kieu serving wine for Thuc Sinh and Hoan Thu.

– Journalist Vu Lam is currently working at the “Thoi nay” newspaper, specialized in arts & culture.

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