Talk “Women and Social Art (Practice)”

Talk “Women and Social Art (Practice)”

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Sun 11 Mar 2018, 2 – 4 pm
Work Room Four Education
4th floor, Tuan Duc building, 28 Phan Boi Chau, Hoan Kiem dist., Hanoi

From the organizer:

You are invited to attend the “Women and Social art (practice)” talk.

What is social art (practice)? Is this a new contemporary art movement?

You can guess from the term itself: Social art (practice) is “an art medium that focuses on engagement through human interaction and social discourse, and it’s the people and their relationships that form the medium of the art works”. This art movement is relevant to our world more than ever, given the constant changes and new encounters to challenge traditional values.

To celebrate Women’s Day Week, we would like to introduce significant female artists in this field and their artworks from the 20th century to present. Let’s have a fun talk about this topic together with some healthy snack to enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

Are you male or female or other genders? Come along! Meet new friends and acknowledge their continuing role in enriching the lives of the women that are important to you.

The facilitator of the workshop is Claudia Capocci – UK born artist and a graduate of the University of the Arts London, who’s currently working in the field of social art practice.

This is a free workshop. To register, please fill out this form

There will be a limited number of participants and we will notify you when the spaces are filled up.

For more information, please email at [email protected]

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