Marx 200: Dialogue on the Relevance of Karl Marx – Call for...

Marx 200: Dialogue on the Relevance of Karl Marx – Call for Participation

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Marx 200: Dialogue on the Relevance of Karl Marx: Call for Participation
Deadline: May 15, June 04, July 02, August 20, 2018

From the open call:

200 years ago (1818), Karl Marx was born in Trier, which then belonged to Prussia. The Goethe Institut Hanoi will mark this anniversary by exploring the life, work, and most importantly, the impact of this multi-faceted personality. Our project will examine the enduring significance of the German philosopher, politician, and economist in modern Vietnamese society and politics.

We invite you, the citizens of Vietnam, to engage in our dialogue about Karl Marx on four topics in the form of:
– Short essays (500 words) or a fictional story (500 words) or in the form of
– plays, poems or
– comic strips and picture stories or as cartoons
– artistic or documentary short films of no more than 90 seconds in length


We will focus on the core tenets of his political philosophy and how it has been reflected in Vietnam’s diverse and contradictory reality in the past fifty years, including:
– Marx and Religion
– Marx and Mass Consumerism
– Marx and Globalisation
– Marx and the Liberation of the Human Being

After each deadlines a jury will select what goes on the website.

By May, 15 we ask especially for design suggestions for a T-shirt Marx 200. From your proposals, together with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung we will choose a proposal to be used in the course of our Marx 200 campaign. Modest awards are waiting for you.

– You text will be given to the jury in an anonymized version – in order to protect your identity.
– We will get back to you before we publish. We do not pay any fees. This is for international communication only.
– A public discussion and exhibition of the artistic submissions will take place on the weekend of 21./22. September.

Please send your contribution via email to: [email protected]

For more information and application form please visit the organizer’s website.

*NOTE: Hanoi Grapevine merely announces the open calls and cannot help in the application process. For further inquiries, please direct to the organizers.


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