OKIA Cinema: October – The Month of Russia, Week 2

OKIA Cinema: October – The Month of Russia, Week 2

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Screening of “The cranes are flying”: Thu 11 Oct 2018, 7.30 pm
Screening of “Office romance”:
Fri 12 Oct 2018, 7.30 pm
Sun 14 Oct 2018, 3 pm
Screening of “Moscow does not believe in tears”:
Sat 13 Oct 2018, 3 pm and 7.30 pm
Sun 14 Oct 2018, 7.30 pm
Okia Cinema
639/39/39 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi

From Okia Cinema:

Hello beautiful autumn October!

In this gorgeous October, Okia Cinema would like to present you a series of cultural and cinema activities with the theme of Russia!

We will be showing Russian movies since back in the day, those that were part of the childhood for many people… war, action, comedy, drama, children, and even fairy-tale movies will be presented…

Modern Russian movies will also be shown – within our modest knowledge and capability to collect them.

Screening schedule has been made public, as for the list of movies, we will update weekly to ensure that the most amazing movies will see the autumn in Okia Hanoi!

Week 2 of The Month of Russia:
– Thu 11 Oct: 7.30 pm: The cranes are flying (dir. Mikhail Kalatozop)
– Fri 12 Oct: 7.30 pm: Office romance (dir. Eldar Ryazanov)
– Sat 13 Oct: 3 pm: Moscow does not believe in tears (dir. Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov)
7.30 pm: Moscow does not believe in tears (dir. Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov)
– Sun 14 Oct: 3 pm: Office romance (dir. Eldar Ryazanov)
7.30 pm: Moscow does not believe in tears (dir. Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov)

THE CRANES ARE FLYING is not only a masterpiece of Soviet cinema but also has a unique, distinctive cinema language. It was voted best movie of the week by our audience.

An extraordinary movie that turns every screening at Okia Cinema an emotion as pure as Veronika’s tears!

Watch the film trailer:

OFFICE ROMANCE is a comedy-drama movie about the Russian society in the 70s full of promising changes.

A gorgeous, vibrant, lively, charming Moscow basked in the golden light of autumn and the glistening strokes of winter… Those who love and feel attached with Moscow could not help but feel emotional all the while laughing to delicate comedy moments in this movie! Those who have never been to Russia and only adore it through the silver screen, this is the chance to have a “flight ticket” with much love.

MOSCOW DOES NOT BELIEVE IN TEARS… just the name could tell you all about the popularity of this movie. This is the one that would make many generations of Vietnamese feel nostalgic. But it’s not only because it takes us back in time… but because, most importantly, its language is such endearing and sophisticated. Enticing and heart-rending!

This is the movie that US President Ronald Reagan watched 8 times over to understand what the Russians think, what creates the Russian spirit… before the historical meeting with Mikhail Gorbachov.

Watch the film trailer:

This whole film week, is dedicated to Moscow…
A Moscow in pain amidst war but the cranes are still flying back…
A Moscow that is lively and hilarious, as if tomorrow is as bright as it can get…
And a Moscow that does not believe in tears…

These three gorgeous movies portraying different aspects of Moscow are dedicated to you, the cinema enthusiasts!

All films are shown with Vietnamese subtitles

* An art talk introducing the movie and its author will take place at Okia Cinema, hosted by film director Nguyen Hoang Diep
* Communication partner: Hanoi Grapevine (https://hanoigrapevine.com/) and Ipick.vn

Non-profit screening, art talk before and after the show for audience having “cinema stamp” issued by O Kia Ha Noi

** Cinema STAMP provided upon purchase for combo cinema before the screening. Each stamp is valid only for 1 person.
** O Kia Ha Noi have combo cinema especially for Okia Cinema audience, including 1 drink at 50,000vnd.
** Okia Cinema does not receive reservations, kindly arrive early, check in, receive your cinema stamp and pick your seat.

For first-time Okia Cinema-goers:
– If you arrive by car, please park the car at the apartment building at 671 Hoang Hoa Tam, walk to Alley 639, go straight until you meet a crossroad, then turn left and turn right. No. 39 House has a giant teapot on its gate.
– If you arrive by motorbike, please go straight in (gently) and we’ll help you park your bike.

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Okia Cinema – “the world’s smallest cinema” – is a club for cinema enthusiasts, first started by film director Nguyen Hoang Diep and sponsored by O Kia Ha Noi art & culture space.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

Okia Cinema
639/39/39 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi


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