OKIA Cinema – Ơ Kìa Yêu Thôi Chứ

OKIA Cinema – Ơ Kìa Yêu Thôi Chứ

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Screening of “EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU”: Fri 02 Nov 2018, 7.30 pm
Screening of “LOVE”: Sat 03 Nov 2018, 3 pm
Screening of “EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU”: Sat 03 Nov 2018, 7.30 pm
Screening of “EMIL OF LÖNNEBERGA”: Sun 04 Nov 2018, 3 pm
Screening of “LOVE”: Sun 04 Nov 2018, 7.30 pm
Okia Cinema
639/39/39 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi

From Okia Cinema:

Such a chaotic week with joys and sorrows, vague yet certain, at ease yet anxious… That’s the week we at Okia Cinema have just gone through!

So we just couldn’t decide the theme for next week until today!


This week, we’ll be showing love movies, full of joy and affection…

EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (dir. Woody Allen – 1996)

Funny, touching with a cast full of stars: Julia Robert, Drew Barrymore, Edward Norton… Complicated, tangled storylines and characters, but the movie is ever so charming, brilliant, hilarious and immensely intriguing… That is the invincible approach of Woody Allen – one of the kings of comedy-romance movies…

The name of the movie speaks for itself. Watch and see, it well deserves its post as a weekend screening to boost up your mood, positivity and hopes. Let those fatigue, disappointments, sorrows… go away with laughter and love.

LOVE (dir. Doze Niu – 2012)

A funny, light-hearted entertainment romantic movie, a bit sappy yet super cute with Vicki Zhao alongside Shu Qi! Oh, romantic urban love stories with beautiful, charming, optimist, cheesy and modern characters… All create a perfect movie for a date night. And of course, fit for “forever alone” people for those flirting tips you’ll learn from this movie!

This is a blockbuster in Taiwan and Mainland of China, the audience adored it like they once adored Love Actually… LOVE became a sensation for the whole year since its release.

FAN FAVORITES: two funny, touching and full-of-love movies: Office Romance (Russia) and Emil of Lönneberga (Sweden)

OFFICE ROMANCE is a comedy-drama movie about the Russian society in the 70s full of promising changes.

A gorgeous, vibrant, lively, charming Moscow basked in the golden light of autumn and the glistening strokes of winter… Those who love and feel attached with Moscow could not help but feel emotional all the while laughing to charming comedy moments in this movie!

EMIL OF LÖNNEBERGA is the movie that gets the most requests for rerun everywhere it was shown… Emil has become a famous one-of-a-kind character who is a part of so many boys and girls’ childhood. It is just funny and cute beyond words!!!

Screening schedule:
– Fri (2/11): 7.30 pm: EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (dir. Woody Allen – 1996)
– Sat (3/11): 3 pm: LOVE (dir. Doze Niu – 2012)
19h30: EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (dir. Woody Allen – 1996)
– Chủ nhật (4/11): 15h special show for families and children with EMIL OF LÖNNEBERGA
19h30: LOVE (dir. Doze Niu – 2012)

All films are shown with Vietnamese subtitles

* An art talk introducing the movie and its author will take place at Okia Cinema, hosted by film director Nguyen Hoang Diep
* Communication partner: Hanoi Grapevine (https://hanoigrapevine.com/) and Ipick.vn

Non-profit screening, art talk before and after the show for audience having “cinema stamp” issued by O Kia Ha Noi

** Cinema STAMP provided upon purchase for combo cinema before the screening. Each stamp is valid only for 1 person.
** O Kia Ha Noi have combo cinema especially for Okia Cinema audience, including 1 drink at 50,000vnd.
** Okia Cinema does not receive reservations, kindly arrive early, check in, receive your cinema stamp and pick your seat.

For first-time Okia Cinema-goers:
– If you arrive by car, please park the car at the apartment building at 671 Hoang Hoa Tam, walk to Alley 639, go straight until you meet a crossroad, then turn left and turn right. No. 39 House has a giant teapot on its gate.
– If you arrive by motorbike, please go straight in (gently) and we’ll help you park your bike.

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Okia Cinema – “the world’s smallest cinema” – is a club for cinema enthusiasts, first started by film director Nguyen Hoang Diep and sponsored by O Kia Ha Noi art & culture space.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

Okia Cinema
639/39/39 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi


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