Open Day #3 – “live.make.share”

Open Day #3 – “live.make.share”

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Sat 18 May 2019, 1 – 6 pm
Address geo-location: 21°07’12.6″N 106°02’29.5″E
Thôn Kiều, Làng Ngang Na, Xã Hiên Vân, Huyện Tiên Du, Bắc Ninh

From the organizer:

Springtime brings us our first event for the year welcoming our team of sparkling artist for cycle #3 of the “live.make.share” residency.

We are super excited to invite you to watch/listen/chat to this diverse bunch of humans creations!

From painting to animation and photography, ceramics, and some mean tea-making the residency has been full of creative, conceptual and animal activity.

If you have not made it yet to the delicious Hanoian countryside come share some time with us to learn more of the resident’s works-in-progress.

Resident artists:

Georg Whelan –
Marilyne Grimmer –
Patrick Carpentier –
Studio Babos (Kyoung Lee & Man Yin Cheng) –

“live.make.share” is an artist-in-resident & exchange program developed from Hanoi, Vietnam under the umbrella of Undecided Productions & in collaboration with Hiên Vân Ceramics.

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