”Ếch Ếch Vol 01″ Release Event

”Ếch Ếch Vol 01″ Release Event

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16 – 17 Nov 2019
14 Phan Huy Ich, Hanoi

From the organizers:

“Ếch Ếch Compilation Album Vol. 1” Release Event will gather 18 prominent names of the 2019 underground music scene.

Event program:
– Photo exhibition of music bands, by semi-professional photographers (free entry)
– Album listening session (4 pm – 6 pm and 8 pm – 10 pm everyday, 50 people per session)
Register here
– Music performances (6 pm – 8 pm) (free entry)

Album artists: Ho Tram Anh, Hoàng Hải (Hiimhii), Hwng Beo (Ognam), HUB Collective, Bluemato, Phác họa Xanh/ Sketch of BluE, Mèow Lạc Lạc, Project 420, Bloodshed, B52, SheS, Red Eyed Rabbit, Sirens of Ha Long, Monoheart, Spooky Jazz Tribe, Norra Marris, Mi Nombre Es Dolores – MNED! & Danny Bragg

Ếch Ếch Recording Studio is a professional studio, has had a place in the heart of the underground artists community in Hanoi. Over the past year, Ếch Ếch has spent time and effort for a Compilation Album consisting of 18 songs from 18 different artists/bands. “Ếch Ếch Vol. 1” is produced by the founder and chief sound engineer of Ếch Ếch Studio – Alec Schachner, an American who has lived and worked with music in Vietnam for over 10 years. The album is Alec’s view on the underground music scene in Hanoi, like a lomographic photo, not perfect but completely genuine to the moment (and of course, with a deliberately-playful-charm): young, passionate and energetic.

Ếch Ếch welcomes artists who are active in the underground music scene in Hanoi and wants to help them grow and get closer to their audience. The release of “Ếch Ếch Compilation Album Vol. 1” is both to support them and to contribute to a more exciting underground music scene in Hanoi.

Event is supported by Co Dong and Hanoigrapevine.com

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Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

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