Documentary film “Historical Imprint”

Documentary film “Historical Imprint”

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Thurs 30 Apr 2020, 9 am
Fanpage Hanoi Youth Union

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To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Liberation of the South, reunification of the country (April 30, 1975 – April 30, 2020), in a time of self-quarantine, strictly following the new instructions of the government and the city on the prevention and control of Covid-19; Instead of the usual large-scale art and music programs, through the Hanoi Youth Union’s Fanpage, the Hanoi Youth Union has implemented a series of news reportage and  daily propaganda documentary about dazzling milestones, historical process to the Liberation of the South, reunification of the country 45 years ago, so that every young person in the capital will be resurrected with the history, understand the glorious time, the years difficulties, hardships and heroic moments of our nation in the joy of victory.

Reportage, documentary films are implemented in the form of “premiere” on Hanoi Youth Union’s fanpage. The results so far show that each “premiere” on the Hanoi fanpage attracts an average of 5.000 views, reaching an average of 10,000 social network users, with hundreds of comments and shares of people, especially young people.

In particular, tomorrow (30 Apr 2020), through the Hanoi Youth Union Fanpage, the Hanoi Youth Union officially launches the Documentary “Historical Imprint” – a reportage made by the Hanoi Youth Union, including the share of witnesses who directly participated in many victories in the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign; also there are words of sharing with the perspective of today’s young generation, promoting the tradition – dedicating youth in the new era.

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