Exhibition: Old people old time

Exhibition: Old people old time

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25 Apr – 15 May 2020, 9 am – 9 pm
Ơ Kìa Hà Nội
639/39/39 Hoàng Hoa Thám (Lane 639, go straight, turn left then turn right after that. No 39 alley 39, yellow house, with bamboo trees in front of the gate)

From the organizer

People of the old years – who are they, where are they, since when? Old people old time!

The photo book of photographer Hà Tương contains not only portraits of the artists from the old time, but also is the slice, the atmosphere of the era in which they used to live, love, sorrow, dedicate. There were a lot of rigmarole stories in the artist world – now through photographs, they are verified. There are things to feel nostalgic. And then there are realization, laughter, regrets is also evoked or put down!

Moved by the journey back to the old years through those portraits taken by Ha Tuong, O Kia Hanoi and O Kia Library asked permission from the author and gallery 39 of artist Le Thiet Cuong for a small display – in the massive fortune of “the reality archive man” * Hà Tường.

In this small exhibition, everything is arranged in an old-fashioned house, bring the atmosphere as familiar as a friend’s family, where the artists come and sit and sip a cup of wine together or just to be silent when life goes smoothly outside.

Visitors come here, like silent intimates, participating in the context – the spirit – the situation in the photos. Looking forward to see you, people of old years are waiting for you at Ơ Kìa!

(*)The name of the article about the photographer Hà Tường, written by the artist Lê Thiết Cương

Please use safety measures during social-distancing.

The exhibition will be contains no more than 20 people at a time and ensuring a safe distance of 2m.

Ơ kìa Hanoi always has standard sanitizer water, please use before and after visiting.

The event is completely free.

You can support O Kia Hanoi and O Kia Library by using the service, or shopping the products there.

Follow updates on event’s page.

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