MCH Regional Representative

MCH Regional Representative

Deadline: 03 Jan 2021

From the organizer:

PART A: General Information

Position title: Regional Representative
Contract: Part time work (flexible schedule), two year commitment during 2021 and 2022
Stipend: $800 USD per year

PART B: About Mekong Cultural Hub

Mekong Cultural Hub works in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. We run different programs and activities that respond to the goals and ways of working below:

We work with cultural workers and artists whose work is at the intersection of arts and society. We offer resources, training and networks that will help creative professionals around the region to strengthen their work, and build new collaborations across borders.

MCH works with a network of 12 Regional Representatives, who act as a bridge to share information from their local community to a regional network, and vice versa. Our ongoing work also includes the SEAD program and a professional exchange program. Activities take place in different cities and countries around the region.

PART C: Position overview

The MCH Regional Representatives are a very important part of the MCH team and network. This will be the second cohort of Regional Representatives. Totally we have 12 Regional Representatives (2 from each of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam). The Regional Representatives have two main responsibilities: one is to give input, advice and direction to MCH as it develops programs and services, and the other is to be a two-way promoter of opportunities between your local arts community and the regional network (which can be via MCH but also beyond). It is a part time role, and something that would be suitable for somebody who is already quite active in their own community, interested in developing their own regional network and is excited about the idea of shaping and initiating more projects and collaborations between countries.

PART D: Responsibilities

The Regional Representative (Rep) position is a two-year commitment, and the duties include:

– Join an online workshop during March 2021 in order to get to know MCH and the other Reps, and to set the foundations for our work together during the 2 years
+ Dates are to be confirmed but this will require 3 x half day sessions

– Participate in the MCH Meeting Point in Taipei in May 2021
+ The meeting point will be a gathering of 80-100 practitioners from around Asia interested in the theme of arts and social action in Asia
+ We will arrange a workshop and field trip experience just for the Reps group before the Meeting Point
+ Based on the work we start at the March online workshop, the Reps will play some role in the Meeting Point program
+ Reps should be available to be in Taipei from May 19th-22nd (excluding travel)

– Participating in a 1-2 hour virtual catch up with the Reps network one time every two months
+ During this meeting Reps will share news and opportunities from their community and region and find ways to support each other’s projects and activities
+ MCH will help to promote and share these news and opportunities through our social media channels and by direct communication with our network of fellows

– Participate in the Bridge-building Exchange program
+ During the two years each Rep will participate in two Bridge-building exchanges. During one exchange you will visit one other Rep and, the other time you will host one other Rep to visit your community
+ The two Reps are expected to make a clear plan with goals for their Bridgebuilding exchange so that is really valuable for both participants and their communities
+ Each exchange has to include one public event where the visiting Rep shares a talk, or workshop or other activity for the host community
+ MCH will support the costs of the exchange and can support with the planning, we can also support with matchmaking the pairs if the Reps wish
+ We will aim that one visit takes place in 2021, and one in 2022, but it can be flexible according to COVID and the Reps schedules

– Co-organise a project or event with some of the other Reps in order to respond to the aims of the Reps program and network
+ MCH will make some funding available so that smaller groups of Reps can organise projects or activities that will help to expand networks and opportunities for exchange around the region
+ We will give some guidelines and the Reps can propose the projects that they want to do
+ The activities will take place during 2022

– Be a resource for your own local community, by sharing information, advice and networks that can help people to access regional opportunities

– Join a wrap-up meeting in November 2022
+ This will likely be conducted virtually, and probably be 1 or 2 half-day sessions
+ The aim of this session will be to reflect on the work we have done together over two years and to discuss any next steps

PART E: Benefits

– Build up your own regional network
– Travel within the region (with all expenses covered by MCH)
– Professional development
– MCH supports you to find funding, learning and promotion opportunities
– Become part of the MCH Alumni Network, which means you get access to things like training sessions, small grant opportunities that we make available specifically for our alumni community
– Stipend of $800 USD per year

PART F: Required skills and experience

The role of MCH Regional Representative is to be a bridge between your arts community and a regional network of people working in arts, culture and development. It is a part time role, suitable for someone who has:

– At least 5 years active experience in the arts
– A diverse network in your own context
– Passion to create more opportunities for other people in your context
– Interest in building collaborations and connections with other countries in Asia
– Good level of English (can communicate with the other MCH Regional Reps by email, facebook and in person discussion)
– Energetic and motivated to be active in connecting people and ideas

PART G: Application

Please send a CV and cover letter outlining your interest and experience for the position to: [email protected]

Deadline for applications is January 3rd 2021.
Friendly interviews will take place during mid January 2021 and Reps will be selected by the end of January 2021.

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