Dogma Prize 2021 “Introspection”

Dogma Prize 2021 “Introspection”

Deadline: 30 Apr 2021

From the organizer:

2021 is a special year for the Dogma Prize, marking its move beyond ten years, and thus underlining a long-standing commitment. The theme of Introspection is endemic to self-portraiture, but as 2020 comes to an end, given all the travails of the world, it has a special resonance. Who are we? What are our role, our place, and our responsibility? Deep and hard questions, perhaps with no widely accepted answer, and in turn, perhaps that is because the question is not yet asked with sufficient voice and intensity.

It seems unfair to direct such enquiry at a small group in society – artists. But perhaps it is a role in which art can act as a dominant interlocutor. For the first time in ten years after the founding of the Prize, it expands beyond Vietnam, to include its Indochina neighbours and to recognise ten artists in one unified, equal platform.

For the 2021 edition, the Dogma Prize introduces the concept of “Introspection”Making self-portraits from visions of one’s mind.


Dogma Prize 2021 “Introspection” is open to all artists, with no limits on age, who have their practice in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and commitment to these communities, who create artworks in one or more of the following media: drawing, printing, installation, painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, video and mixed media.

Submission guidelines

Each artist will submit one (01) art work only. The art piece should be produced no longer than two (02) years before the submission date. The submission entry will include the following items:

– Maximum four (04) images showing full view and close-up view, for the case of 2D work, and including side view and back view, in the case of 3D work. The images will be in .jpeg format, at size of minimum 3MB;

– For installation piece, a sketch and/or detailed plan is required;

– A one-page statement to explain the concept and/or context of the work (to be type-written in Microsoft Word document, or PDF);

– Artist’s profile, inclusive of the artist’s full name and/or alias, email address, contact number and website (if any)(to be type-written in Microsoft Word document, or PDF);

– All texts pertaining to the submission must NOT be written directly onto the body of the submitting email.

Candidates working exclusively in the medium of video are advised to provide a link to a video hosting site such as Vimeo or YouTube or to their own site where the video can be viewed

Artists will submit their artworks in digital format to the email address: [email protected]

The Prizes

Each of the ten (10) Finalists of the Prize will receive:

– A cash prize of 50 million VND

The Finalists will showcase their work in a group exhibition in July 2021 at Galerie Quynh, well recognized as a leading contemporary art gallery in Vietnam.

Attitude(s) for “Introspection”

Humor and satire: The artist may take various form according to his/her personal intention to amuse, mock, satirise or subvert. This gives clues for the jurors to glimpse at the artist’s individual circumstance projected onto broader reality and/or socio-political contexts.

Materiality: This refers to role of the materials used to compose the work, which plays in delivering a sense of meaning or significance. The artist’s choice of materials and their tactile and symbolic properties become part of the ‘package’ in terms of creating meanings or making emphatic statements. This includes the use of ‘found objects’ and materials (such as industrial or mass consumer domestic wares), just to name a few, and transform them into contextual intent.

Importance of artist’s statement: It is crucial that the artist also submits a statement to support the artwork, in which the choice of materiality (media, artistic discipline), his/her mental content (thoughts, emotions, experiences) are explained. Barthes suggested that writing and artwork are equal, both are physical and material, both expose and hide and both need to be investigated.


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