Press Conference: Eco Film Production 2021/2022

Press Conference: Eco Film Production 2021/2022

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Fri 15 Oct 2021, 10:30 am
Livestream via Zoom and Facebook Goethe-Institut Hanoi
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From Goethe Institut:

The Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD) and Four Paws Viet and Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh are committed to biodiversity and animal welfare. In order to reach a wider public, they have prepared a call for collaboration with documentary filmmakers.

For documentary filmmakers who support the global sustainability goals (especially development goal 15: Life on Land), this cooperation offers preferential access to eco-activists, their stories and to the animals that they care for.


Phan Đăng Di
Independent film maker, producer, film instructor

He is the founder of Autumn Meeting, an annual international cinema event in Da Nang, Viet Nam. Dis has brought Vietnamese contemporary cinema to international reputation. His short feature film When I am 20 was the first Vietnamese Film that selected in competition at the Venice International Film Festival 2008. Bi, Don’t Be Afraid was his first feature film. It gained him two prizes at Cannes Critic’s Week 2010 and other awards at film festivals in Vancouver, Hongkong, and Stockholm. His film Big father, small father and other stories became the first Vietnamese film entering the Official Competition at the Berlin International Film Festival 2015. He continues to be productive both as author and filmmaker.

Nguyễn Như Vũ

Completed his film studies in Potsdam in 1984. Since then he has worked in the Central Science and Documentary Film Studio, among other things as head of the science studio (2000-2013) and deputy general director of the film studio (2013-2020). He directed more than 20 films and worked on the making of another 50 films. His films have received national and international awards, including the documentary Người thắp lửa, which won the Golden Kite Award of the Vietnam Cinema Association and the third prize at the Photo Festival. For Earthquake Tsunami – Unforeseen Disaster he received the Golden Kite Award in 2012; for the documentary Acid Rain he was awarded an environmental film prize. Nguyen Nhu Vu holds the title of National People’s Artist.

Nguyễn Lê Hoàng Việt
writer, director and the co-founder of “ever rolling films” company.

With his short films: Roommate, The Cat and The Orange Seeds he participated and won awards in various film festivals. His video artwork Eroica – devoted to Beethoven – was showcased in Bozar The Center for Fine Arts (Brussels, Belgium) in 2020.


Dr. Nguyen Manh Ha
Director of the Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD)

He is a well-known biologist in Vietnam and the Indochina region on nature reserves and wildlife conservation. For the last 20 years Nguyen Manh Ha has been involved in the planning and management of Vietnam’s protected areas, community engagement and sustainable development. He has been involved in the development of Vietnam key laws on biodiversity and forestry. This includes Laws on Forest Protection and Development Law (2003), Biodiversity (2008), Forestry (2017) and Fishery (2017). In last five years he has supported Government of Vietnam, Justice Sector, Enforcement Bodies and NGOs to improve natural resources governance, biodiversity conservation, nature reserves management especially to counter wildlife and forest crimes. He also actively teaches at graduate program of the National University, Hanoi as a lecturer in biodiversity and protected area management, community based tourism and is supervisor for graduate students.

Ngô Thị Mai Hương
Director, FOUR PAWS Viet and Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh (BSNB)

Ngo Thi Mai Huong holds a Master degree from AIT Thailand. She had more than 20 years of experience in the field of education and training before she came to wildlife welfare and protection. Ms. Huong is the director of FOUR PAWS Viet organization and has been involved in the construction and operation of Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh since its inception. She has laid out the foundation for rescue and care at Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh as well as FOUR PAWS Viet’s awareness raising projects on animal welfare.

Nguyễn Lê Thùy Linh

Nguyen Le Thuy Linh graduated from Hanoi University in 2015. She spent the six years as an organizer of numerous independent culture and residency programs in Vietnam, mainly in visual and sound arts. In 2020, Linh decided to support FOUR PAWS Viet and Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh as education and communication manager. She uses various creative ways to convey knowledge about the conservation and protection of animal welfare to a broader public, especially children and young people.

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