20th Century Music Concert Series: Concert No.6

20th Century Music Concert Series: Concert No.6

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Mon 15 Oct 2021, 08 pm
Livestream via Goethe-Insitut Hanoi Fanpage

From Goethe Institut:

Series of Music programs from the 20th century will present to the audience the works from authors that have not performed much in Vietnam yet, especially musicians during the volatile length of the 20th century. This is the stage of unlimited creativity, the rich and extremely diverse development of different musical colors and composition tactics. Participating in this series will be artists and lecturers of Inspirito School of Music.

This concert will take you to another dimension of Minimal Music, with three of its pioneers: John Adams, Phillip Glass and Steve Reich. Prominent features of Minimal Music are continuous repetition of musical patterns, pulses, phrases, maximum reduction of materials which the composers find unnecessary but build on highly logical and strict musical structures and forms. A special concert which will take you to totally new experiences and impressions.

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