Bloom • Overgrown : An Exhibition

Bloom • Overgrown : An Exhibition

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20 Nov – 03 Dec 2021
ARCH. Café Bar & Rooftop
143 Nhật Chiêu, Nhật Tân, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Bloom: An Exhibition aims to bring together a diverse group of multi disciplinary creators to hone in on the theme of Bloom: Overgrown to showcase a range of creative mediums to the public for inspiration – and for sale. This will include everything from live performances, paintings, digital art, motion graphics and visuals, dance or interpretive dance, and a full on experiences on 4 different floors!

Bloom: Overgrown – Like a tropical dystopia – flora seeps intricately through the cracks of our old misguided civilization. Coming out of the dirt, the soil, to grow and develop amongst the world alongside it. New ideas, new mediums, new communities, and new growth of all sorts is our way to understand what’s around us, and to improve the world around us. Intrigue and curiosity with the natural world around us has shaped much of the human world of art, architecture, science, and design – Bloom invites you to share in this intrigue and present it to the world.

Their expression is their divine connection to the world around us, and with that our new growth has burst out of our old seams, revealing our inner bloom as we reach for the sunlight in our strange new surroundings. Through creation, destruction, love, pain, heartbreak and hope we have sowed the seeds that have spurred radical new dynamics, creations, and versions of ourselves – and have reimagined in many ways our human world and how we interact with the environment that supports us.

Bloom exhibition invites you to share your vision and versions of yourself, your art, and concepts with the world – as this exhibition will encapsulate the physical and digital world simultaneously!

We will update you as covid protocols change! For now hold tight and stay safe!

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