FAMLAB Mini Series

FAMLAB Mini Series

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From British Council:

Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth is an action research initiative, working in Colombia, Kenya, and Vietnam, exploring the use of cultural heritage for growth to benefit all levels of society. In Vietnam, the in-country Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth project – known as Heritage of Future Past – works with music and film heritage, enables a variety of communities to contribute to and benefit from the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage and thus seeks to create inclusive and sustainable growth opportunities in the heritage sector.

Heritage of Future Past is implemented across two strands: Community Culture Heritage and Film-Archive-Music Lab (FAMLAB). In Strand 2 of FAMLAB Fund, the British Council’s Heritage of Future Past provides support for creative projects, artists, arts and cultural practitioners to explore new opportunities for Vietnamese music and film heritage though contemporary practices, including research, documentation, exhibition, artists-in-residence, concerts, film screening, books publishing and other musical and films performance.

The British Council is delighted to present the FAMLAB Mini Series, a series of interviews in which artists and practitioners working on FAMLAB creative projects will reflect on their experiences and share their perspectives when working with heritage, individuals and communities. We hope this will also an interesting resource for artists, creative practitioners and the general public who are interested in the field.

Watch the series here

The grantee projects are:

Round 1
Future of traditions
Hanoi New Music Festival 2018: Make a Silence
Nguyen Ngoc Vu
Viet Cine Corner

Round 2
Âm Nhạc Của Chúng Mình
The Library of Southern Music
Documentation of the Kadhar songbook
Âm Sáng
Round 2 – The Bolero Effect
Họa âm xưa
Tôi Có Một Dân Tộc

Round 3
See the Sound
Saigon Cinema from 1954 to 1975
Doan truong vinh hoa (The Glorious Pain)

Round 4
Dust and Metal
After the Silent Tiger: Shooting the Indigenous Sound in Central Highlands
A Flatpack Festival project
Legends as souls of ginang and Cham music
Liberation Radio
Vườn Lài Wonderland

Round 5
Where is it? It is here
Future of Tradition
DomDom Lab & Residency
– Handle with Care : Vietnamese Archives Play Themselves
Digitizing Hat Boi

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