Open Call for Performers – Experimental Theater Project “Now – Here –...

Open Call for Performers – Experimental Theater Project “Now – Here – After”

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Deadline for application: 03 Aug 2022

From the organizer:

“Now- Here – After” is an experimental theater project initiated by performance/video art artist Tra Minh, expected to start its creation process in early August – middle September 2022 in Hoi An. The project enjoys production assistance from TheaFter, CAB Hoi and Avana Vietnam.

“Now – Here – After” seeks 3 females from 18 years old, of any citizenship, who can speak English or Vietnamese, currently living or working in Hoi An, or who can be available in Hoi An during the project creation stage from 8 August – 21 September 2022. Priority will be given to those who do not have professional performing experience but have an interest in art, have an eagerness and motivation to experience various forms of “play”, experiment and new theater. The project is non-profit so there is no payment, instead the performers will enjoy opportunities to learn new methods of self-exploration and thinking, develop their art perception and creativity, co-create an original theater work, as well as expand their local and international art and culture connections.

Registration method and casting, working calendar:

– Register via this online link:
– Registration deadline: by 3 August 2022
– Casting list announcement: from 4-6 August 2022
– Casting: 8 August 2022
– Casting result announcement: 9 August 2022
– Creation/Working stage: 10 August – 21/9/2022 (Working time will be arranged flexibly in accordance with performers’ schedule).
– Venue for casting and working: Avana House, Duy Hải deck, Cửa Đại, Hội An

About “Now- Here – After”

“Now – Here – After” is the first group project initiated and directed by performance/video art artist Tran Minh, in which 3 actors and a sound designer work together to create multiple layers of meaning, different dimensions of Space-Time that have a visual/auditory co-existence in a hypothetical theatrical being.

The project works with the features of a security camera, and with space at a fashion design studio, with the objects and equipment available in the space arranged to form a theater with many experimental structures. Actors enter the space and play, think about the space, and search for a language of expression of their own, such as movement, performance, sound, installation… or the state of play between actor and Space-Time. There is no story or an intentional event that is pre-arranged, purely a coincidence of feelings, intuition about Space – Time existing in the frame of the camera. The final work of the project is the distillation of the process of experimenting and creating different theatrical version structures (early August-mid-September 22), then edited into one final version of a Theater of image (October – November, 2022), and expected to be projected in May 2023 in Hoi An and Hanoi.

The project enjoys assistance of production fromTheaFter, a local experimental model of the uncertain stage initiated by CAB Hoian and Chinh Ba, and production, space and costumes from Avana Vietnam.

Trần Minh

Trần Minh (born in 1992 in Hanoi, currently living in Hoian) is a performance/video art artist. In 2018, after graduating from Vietnam Academy of Dance, Minh started his career as a dancer in the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet. In 2019, he left to pursue his own projects, focusing on exploring natural movements, performance art, multi-media art, video/moving-image, experiments of technologies and non-physical stage structures. His personal projects aim for the integration of mind and body, and ego, and truth including “I and what I am” (2020), “Tờ Mờ” (2022), “She” (2022). He has also participated in projects of other artists, in workshops, art residencies, solo/group exhibitions by organizations like FamLab – British Council, VNOB, Á Space, Goethe – Institut, CAB Hoian.

“Tờ Mờ” is Minh’s first open studio in CAB Hoian. His second collaboration with CAB in the role of a performer and co-creator is the theater of the absurd “they order, and roll on the sand, the waves and the tumbleweed”. “Now – Here – After” is the third project that Minh collaborates with CAB Hoian, and the second one that TheaFter co-produces.


TheaFter is a local experimental model of the uncertain stage initiated by CAB Hoian and Chinh Ba. It represents an antithesis to renting and operating a physical space. It also attempts to find new methods for theatrical forms to move forward in the context of countless questions about the future of theater.

TheaFter (F generation theater of after) focuses on issues of innovating expression and symbolism in order to change modes of perception and form newer, more positive relationships between people and people, people and space, space and non-physicality, with audience, with equipment or with nothing at all.

The project calls for open source people who are interested in experimenting with theater, drama, performance, writing… or simply practicing living in order to co-create and break the boundaries between professional and amateur.

The theater of the absurd “they order, and roll on the sand, the waves and the tumbleweed” is the first project of TheaFter, premiered in Hội An on 1 May 2022.

CAB Hoian

CAB Hoian (culture & arts base Cab Hoian) was founded by Chinh Ba in June 2019 with the goal of creating a community to practice and enjoy art in Hoi An. In 3 years of operation, CAB has created and co-organized 2 art weeks, 1 art festival called CABCON 2020, 1 German film festival, 1 European Film Festival, 1 Art for Environment Program, sponsored 9 art residencies for many artists in the field of performance, music, dance, photography, film, fine art… as well as continuous organization of cultural and artistic activities to connect indigenous culture with artists in other cities, contributing to building a community of activities and enjoyment of the arts in Hoi An.

Avana Vietnam

Avava Vietnam is a fashion brand founded by the Belgian designer Avana, with a design house and boutique in Hoi An, and stores in Quang Nam, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City. Avana Vietnam is focused on creating beautiful global designs which are locally produced and inspired by gifted artisans. Every design is hand-made and one-off, meaning only one person in the world holding such a unique piece. Gender and size free garments are made with a zero-waste production.

Avana runs an Art Residence, to organize and support artists in residency, workshop, events in Hoi An like Movement Choir by Cab Read, Experimental Theatre project “Now- Here – After” byTrần Minh (May-Sep 2022), Rec Tour (7/2022)…


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