Exhibition “Movement”

Exhibition “Movement”

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Opening: Wed 10 Aug 2022, 06 pm
Exhibition: 10 – 30 Aug 2022, 09 am – 12 pm & 01:30 pm – 05 pm
VICAS Art Studio
32 Hào Nam, Đống Đa, Hà Nội

From the organizer :

Movement by Mzung Nguyen is a solo exhibition, a visual essay reflecting the transition of urban life through a mixed discipline of collage-art practices. In terms of materials, this project collects and reuses hundreds of old magazines, which have been published during the past decade. Mzung Nguyen finds motivation in tracking the shifts in time and space, the replacement of old and new values, the cultural disparity between tradition and modernity, and the contrasts between human life and the natural world that are printed out in these old publications.

Mzung Nguyễn was born in 1982, in central Vietnam. She graduated from journalism studies in 2006 and started her career as a writer. After engaging with several different forms of writing, Mzung Nguyen focused on writing film scripts and was soon persuaded to embark on a professional career in making films. Her works have been released internationally, and Mzung Nguyen has received significant rewards for exploring documentary, short, video-art, and experimental films. After ten years of concentrating on the film sector, Mzung Nguyen started looking for new dimensions of creativity with oil painting and collage. Just as her films did previously, Mzung Nguyen still finds artistic novelty in reflecting a contemporary world, however, through the painting discipline, she is able to capture the stillness missed in her moving-picture works.

Mzung Nguyễn

I love the state of transitions that evolves into a primary aspiration in most of my works. The mixture of creative disciplines leads my quest to an off-grid. When it comes to collage-art practices, I see diverse angles within an origin. “Movement” features characteristics of a humming yet compressed metropolitan, the greatest of contraries between the new and the old, the tradition and the modern, the urge for growth, and the reversal of stillness. All those offer me components for and a wide range of creative sensations.

Mzung Nguyễn

Some of the artworks at the exhibition

Exhibition host: VICAS Art Studio (Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies)
Project Production: performance eARTh
Project Manager: Hà Minh Thư
Graphic design: Photographer Nguyễn Mỹ Dũng
Texts: Hà Minh Thư
Partners: Hanoi Grapevine, Cà phê Thứ 7, Phố Bên đồi

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