Exhibition “Polar Voids”

Exhibition “Polar Voids”

Opening: 07 pm, 01 Apr 2024
Exhibition: 11 am – 10 pm, 01 – 10 Apr 2023
Cung Điện Hoàng Gia Palais Royal
16, 17 galerie de Montpensier, 75001 Paris
Đăng ký tham dự khai mạc bằng cách gửi email tới [email protected]

From the organizer:

Asian Art Bridge is pleased to present the Exhibition “Polar Voids” , the opening exhibition for the “Asian Art on the Rise” series.

“Polar Voids” is a duo exhibition by Vietnamese artist, Hoai Phuong – who specializes in watercolor painting with handdyed artisanal paper and Chinese ink – with Macau artist Ioi Choi – a dancer, choreographer and also a painter, that takes place from April 1st to April 10th 2024 in Palais Royal, Paris.
In this exhibition, one draws everything in detail and collects energy into a, or some, black holes. At the opposite side, the other person’s works radiate a lot of energy from the body with a “void” – an emptiness of her thought or the liberation of her mind onto a large canvas surface. That’s the reason we combine both into “Polar Voids”. Two completely opposite poles share their own black hole.

If “The void” in Ioi’s artwork symbolizes the liberation of the mind, where body, color and consciousness fuse together, akin to the synthesis of all colors to create the perception of white, the art of Hoai-Phuong is her polar. It is the void of silent and reticent sorrow. Akin to the motif “memento mori” which is a reminder of death and the impermanent nature of life, this series of works is a reminder of the deep void within our mental landscapes.

Even Ioi is the opposite of Phuong, drawing completely spontaneously depending on the color layers that follow his choreography. But in the end, the paintings of ioi and Phuong are complementary in color and frequency. Both have their own definition of VOID by themselves

The exhibition’s open ceremony will have an electronic music performance performance from artist Luong Hue Trinh x ritual dance from ioi Choi


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