Exhibition “The Gentle Touch”

Exhibition “The Gentle Touch”

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Opening: 06:30 pm, Fri 05 Apr 2024
Exhibition: 09 am – 08 pm, 06 Apr – 05 May 2024
Annam Gallery
371/4 Hai Bà Trưng, Võ Thị Sáu ward, D.3, HCMC
Entrance fee: 50.000VNĐ

From the organizer:

Annam Gallery and Curator Dao Mai Trang invite the audience to explore the exhibition “The Gentle Touch” by artist Vu Trung, an exhibition showcases more than 20 artworks, including compositions on lacquer material.

At first glance, Vu Trung’s lacquer art may not reveal significant, immediate changes. Perhaps it’s about changes in the framework of the form, from square to round, or angular. These changes also stem from within him, with a desire to challenge the ability to traverse different spatial dimensions created by illusions stemming from the circular form of the canvas, like extending further and deeper into infinity, contrasting with the angular, finite edges of rectangular or square shapes, evoking a sense of limitation. From here, the rhythm of color and strokes is also transformed, becoming more fluid and expansive.

Vu Trung’s lacquer art features various shades of blue and green, especially blue. This color sometimes serves as a background, sometimes as an embellishment on the shimmering gray surface. Using the traditional lacquer technique, Vu Trung disrupts all forms and shapes, allowing for a natural blending between the lacquer and overlapping layers of color, gradually revealed through the strokes, creating spaces beyond any known data. Thus, scenic backgrounds evoke moments in nature somewhere, appearing before the viewer’s eyes—whether it be forests, shadows of water, patches of grass and wildflowers, or perhaps just a blend of real and dreamlike illusions that feel both familiar and strange. Upon closer inspection of each color point, viewers will easily discern behind them other hues, suggesting different outlines, encouraging the imagination of each individual to unveil new uncharted territories.

Without explanation or narration, each lacquer painting by Vu Trung is like a fragment from a surreal reality that the artist wishes to portray, containing aesthetic energy waiting for viewers to receive, resonate, and co-create other fantasies.

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