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24, 25 & 26 Oct 2022
Complex 01
29/31/167, Tây Sơn, Đống Đa, Hà Nội
Online via Zoom & Facebook
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From L’Espace:

The music industry includes many players (artists, record companies, venues, agents, digital platforms, etc.). It is a very complex and globalized environment. LiveSpace PRO offers to all stakeholders exchanges with international and Vietnamese experts to better understand the challenges of this industry, to work towards bringing together the sectors of different countries, and to consider solutions for a better integration of Vietnam in international networks. It will also be an opportunity for the artists and the main Vietnamese actors to discover or better know services and products specially designed for the promotion and distribution of the music industry products, and to develop their network in Vietnam and internationally.

The topics discussed, without aiming to be exhaustive, focus on some of the questions that artists, but also the various actors of the music industry, in Vietnam and internationally, may have.

During the first round table, we will focus on questions related to the development of an artistic career: should artists privilege self-publishing or entrust their creations to a label? Apart from the income from the sale of their music on CDs or online, as well as from concerts, can artists hope for other resources? And can they really live from their music in Vietnam?

The second round table raises the question of Vietnam’s attractiveness for international artists’ tours: how to structure festivals and concert halls to help organize coherent tours? How can we better inform tour operators, agents and international artists of major events and opportunities to perform in Vietnam? But could the increase in international artists’ tours reduce the chances for local artists to find dates to perform on their own soil?

The third panel focuses on the international career development of Vietnamese artists: After a presentation of France’s strategy to support the development of its artists for export, which could inspire practices in Vietnam, we will reflect on how Vietnamese artists can be spotted to tour internationally, and on the interest that this can present, and also on the role of digital platforms in promoting artists outside the territory

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