Exhibition “25 Days in Saigon”

Exhibition “25 Days in Saigon”

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02 – 31 Dec 2022, 09 am – 06 pm
11:11 Espace
Floor 1, 30 Nguyễn Duy Hiệu, Thảo Điền, Thủ Đức City

From the organizer:

Continuing with a series of introducing global artists with a unique artistic vision, 11:11 d’Artistes returns with the solo exhibition of Charles Husser – a French visual artist and plasticien who specializes in painting on wood and creating wooden sculptures inspired by daily life in Saigon.

Charles’s vision of art is to never focus on complex subjects that serve only as an excuse to paint or sculpt; instead, he looks for things that are visually accessible from everyday life.

Charles was inspired by his observations during his 25-day stay in Saigon, where he got to travel from corner to corner of the city, went to the village to acknowledge the life of locals, and even attempted to experience local activities from early morning until late at night, such as eating and sleeping on a traditional Vietnamese wooden bed, buying street food, and lying on a hammock.

Therefore, each item in the collection will give audiences a sense of familiarity while also surprising them, making it difficult to predict that these artworks will be interestingly beautiful.

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