SiaM vol. 37: Here and There a Small Flower

SiaM vol. 37: Here and There a Small Flower

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08 pm, Tues, 16 July 2024
Tita Art
164A Trấn Vũ, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
08 pm, Wed, 17 July 2024
Middle Cafe
55 Mã Mây, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
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From the organizer:

Works ahead of their time are often criticized in their own time. This is because each artistic period often begins with a break from the theoretical foundations of the previous period, transcending familiar aesthetic and intellectual boundaries. At the same time, the division of this period only occurs after a process of transformation and retreat of history. Looking back, the milestones that have passed become clear, leaving lessons for the present. At this time, the lands once thought to be barren, turn out to exist unimaginable wonders. “Here and There a Small Flower” is one of the blunt “criticisms” that Frederick Chopin received for his work, which was later hailed as a masterpiece.

Coming to SiaM vol. 37, Liao Hsin-Chiao and Phan Do Phuc will perform two works by Chopin: Piano Sonata no. 3 and Cello Sonata. Both were not well received and were considered quite “un-Chopin-like” at the time. Even in Hanoi today, these two works are not performed regularly. People know Chopin more through his other small works such as Nocturne, Etudes, Polonaises; or Concertos.

The title this time is in quotation marks, like a question that the two artists as well as SiaM ourselves ask about the way we perceive classical music or art. It seems that now we can accept more complex things than previous generations could do in the past. Therefore we are more likely to find “flowers” in these two works. But the process of cultivating, then breaking what is known will always continue. The world of music in particular and knowledge will always be expanded. Therefore, through these two pieces, SiaM hopes that each audience will have an interesting experience, remove the barriers in themselves, open the door to receive difficult things, but are “bright flowers” of the future.

Performing artists:
Phan Đỗ Phúc, cello
Liao Hsin-Chiao, piano

Ticket price: 300.000 VND/person
In partnership with: Tita Art, Middle Cafe, Việt Thương và Steinway & Sons, Zebra Entertainment


– This event is for everyone age 8 and above.
– For those who who bought a ticket but cannot attend, please send us a Facebook message at least 3 days before the show so we can arrange a refund or exchange your ticket for a reservation for a later concert.

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