Music Tour “Mai – Marai”

Music Tour “Mai – Marai”

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07 pm, Mon, 15 July 2024
Đó Theater Auditorium
Vega City, Bai Tien, Pham Van Dong Avenue, Vinh Hai Ward, Nha Trang
07 pm, Mon, 22 July 2024
Phố Bên Đồi
10 Ly Tu Trong Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City, Lam Dong
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From the organizer:

“Mai – Marai” in the Cham language means “to return” – “to arrive”.

Who is “returning”? These are young Cham people, each a cultural subject now aware of the need to reconnect with their roots and culture on their artistic journey.

And who is “arriving”? These are guest artists, young people from all over the world with diverse “starting points”, coming together to create an environment of connection, understanding and cultural sharing through the language of music.

In another play on words, “Mai” can also be understood as “tomorrow” – a promise or invitation: “Tomorrow – come”, expressing the young Cham generation’s desire to inherit and continue their culture through future encounters.

No matter how it’s interpreted, the program aims to convey the values of origin, cultural inheritance, and connection through music.
Hagait Ni is proud to present the Cham Music and Dance Tour “Mai – Marai”, continuing the previous stage of the Hagait Ni!? (What is this!?) project series for preserving and developing Cham music. This event features the participation and collaboration of Cham artists, artisans and guest artists.

In the previous stage, Cham artisans focused on traditional works before collaborating with guest artists. Now, the project will shift its rehearsal method – groups of Cham artisans and artists will be divided into clusters of traditional musical languages, collaborating with clusters of guest artists’ musical instruments.

“Mai – Marai” promises to foster a dialogue that goes beyond the program’s framework, exploring other possibilities in preserving and evolving traditional culture – the heart of the young Cham generation’s awareness of national traditions, especially Cham music in modern society.

Phase 03 of the program is currently receiving support from British Council’s “Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development Small Grants”, Phố Bên Đồi and accompanied by Đó Theater – Life Puppet Show

*Po Teng Ahaok: the name of a God, tentatively translated as the God of rowing, depicting the battle between humans and the sea, often appearing in the Rija Nagar festival in early January of the Cham calendar

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