HCMC – Art Exhibition “Vol de Nuit – Night Flight”

HCMC – Art Exhibition “Vol de Nuit – Night Flight”

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Exhibition Vol de Nuit - Night Flight

Opening: Sat 30 Mar 2013, 6 – 8 pm
Exhibition: 30 Mar – 04 Apr 2013
HCMC Fine Arts Museum

From the organizer:
“VOL DE NUIT, NIGHT FLIGHT”, a collaborative art installation in a variety of mediums, featuring Daisuke Terashima (JP), Tran Minh Duc (VN), Nguyen Kim To Lan (VN) and Kawayan de Guia (PH/DE).

Vol De Nuit – Night Flight brings together four artists with their own unique methods, techniques, and media approaches into one shared exhibition space, aiming to push towards new horizons of exploration by creating an atmosphere where curiosities suspend our perceptions of reality.

Nguyen Kim To Lan’s photographs and paintings of clouds circumnavigate the exhibition space, literally creating an artificial horizon.

Daisuke Terashima’s multilayered experiments on paper emphasize the endless process of layering and erasing to create a tension between depth and flatness, echoing the deterioration and improvement of the natural order.

Kawayan de Guia references the radio-shaped, cement spittoons that were placed along the roads in his mountain city home in the 1950s so the betel-nut chewing enthusiasts from the surrounding villages would have a proper place to expectorate the blood-red remnants of their pass time (leaving the roads free and clean). People gathered around these radio-shaped boxes as if listening to the latest news, but of course there was no sound coming out… but what if there was?

Tran Minh Duc’s installation features a vintage parachute dyed in pink. It lies indolently like a dream. It has landed in a nameless place–it could be a moment in anyone’s memory, a dream land, or a weigh station in an endless journey of self-discovery. An artefact turned pink, soliciting memories of the past and a bright outlook for the future.

The currency of art, as with this exhibition, relies on curiosity. Their artworks succeed in the persistence of creating objects and works which make us curious and suspend our own inner curiosities.

Their artworks make use of the ordinary as a vehicle to fly from the familiar, the conventional, the known–a flight of fancy towards an enrichment of imagination.

These four artists create horizons. Their artworks invite us to perceive them as they are and as they are not. As horizons, they continue to remain necessarily distant from us, yet we are invited to speculate and approximate between these spaces, these distances that separate us. As they invite you to navigate the distances between ourselves and their artworks, so too do they invite you to navigate and experience the distances between art and life.

*Artist talks and Cooking: Daisuke Terashima (JP) and Nguyen Kim To Lan (VN); Kawayan de Guia (PH/DE) and Tran Minh Duc (VN) 2pm – 8pm March 24th/2013 @ Flying Art Space – B511, C/c Phạm Viết Chánh, Q. Bình Thạnh, Tp. HCM

HCMC Fine Arts Museum
97A Pho Duc Chinh, D1, HCMC


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