CAMA Festival 7: the Show will Go on

CAMA Festival 7: the Show will Go on


Wed 9 Oct 2013, 9 pm
73A Mai Hac De
With DJ Metro Tokyo and Raggabund (mini-show)
Entry by donation

Thu 10 Oct 2013, 7 – 11.30 pm
Hanoi Rock City
27/52 To Ngoc Van
With The Pinholes, Raggabund, Zoo, The Cairos
Entry VND 200,000

From CAMA Vietnam:

CAMA Festival #7 may have been cancelled, but the show will go on in a limited capacity at two mid-week events.

Wednesday: Metro Tokyo founded China’s FakeMusicMedia which produces much of Beijing’s best disco nights and brought the likes of Jeans Team, Pitchtuner and Jahcoozi to China’s capital. In between Metro Tokyo has forged a name for himself as the go-to guy for electro disco in venues from Brooklyn to Berlin, Buenos Aires to Beijing. Raggabund will be giving Hanoians a teaser of what they can do by joining Metro Tokyo for a 30 minute mini-show. Look out for the reggae duo from 10pm onwards.

All the big guns will be out for five hours of musical diversity at Hanoi Rock City. With reggae, electro, rock, pop and psychedelia on the menu, there is something for everyone, so get down and help us make the most of what would have been CAMA Festival #7.

The Cairos (Australia)

Brisbane has long been Australia’s most fertile breeding ground for bands, a tradition which The Cairos look intent on continuing. The youthful four-piece bristle with energy and write infectious pop inspired by an upbringing of melodic sixties pop. Add a teenage youth of shoegaze to the mix and you start to see the roots of the group’s upbeat indie which is soundtracking Brisbane’s never-ending summers. Learn some chorus’s by checking out Colours Like Features, their first EP since signing to Island Records, then come sing along with them in Hanoi.

“It’s disgusting how young they are to be sounding this good.” – Rave Magazine


India isn’t renowned for its modern music, but Zoo are going someway to changing that. The polished quintet marry electro, techno, and rock into a series of brooding tracks that build into full-on cut-loose freakouts of electronic rock. Keeping everyone’s attention is charismatic female vocalist Tanya Sen.


Who would’ve thought Singapore would produce a band making psychedelic sixties pop in 2013? The Pinholes are doing just that. Steeped in the sounds of Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, the group have just released an EP of repetitive guitar riffs that demand floppy-necked dancing and geometric light shows in celebration of youth, sunshine and rock and roll. Dance to the Youth of Gold EP in your bedroom, then break out your moves on the grass and in the afternoon sun of CAMA Festival 7.


Raggabund is no longer an insider’s secret! For years now the musical duo of brothers Paco Mendoza and Don Caramelo have been supplying their diverse fan base with high quality Reggae, Latin and Dancehall. Multitalented lead lyricist Paco Mendoza holds a degree in political science, is active as a producer and composer and hosts a weekly radio show called “Mestizo FM” at Funkhaus Europa (WDR). All of which has given the duo plenty of ammo with which to express their love for Jamaican music and socially conscious lyrics since 2000 in a smooth mix of reggae and urban dancehall.


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