Sad and Beautiful World – Introduction on this Weekend’s Films

Sad and Beautiful World – Introduction on this Weekend’s Films

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Matthew's Laws
Matthew’s Laws

From The Onion Cellar:

Spotlight on the next batch of films from SAD AND BEAUTIFUL WORLD festival – all screening at Hanoi Cinematheque this weekend.

Marc Schmidt

72 mins
Dutch – with subtitles in Vietnamese and English

20.30 – 16/11 – Hanoi Cinematheque
15.00 – 23/11 – TPD

Director Marc Schmidt films his childhood friend Matthew, who, due to his autistic disorder, desperately tries to create order in the chaos around him. Schmidt follows him close to the heart. Explosive confrontations with the outside world are alternated with stylized observations and personal confessions. Little by little the film unravels Matthew’s complex way of thinking and shows the catastrophic consequences it eventually has for him.

Read more about the film here.


As I Was Moving
As I Was Moving

Jonas Mekas
285 mins
English – with Vietnamese subtitles

14.30 – 16/11 – Hanoi Cinematheque

“As I Was Moving Ahead… is a record of subtle feelings, emotions, daily joys of people as recorded in the voices, faces and small everyday activities of people I have met, or lived with, or observed — something that I have been recording for many years. This, as opposed to the spectacular, entertaining, sensational, dramatic activities which dominate much of the contemporary film-making” (Jonas Mekas)

“Peter Kubelka once said of his friend, ‘Jonas has realised that, whatever paradise there is, it should be here and now. Loving care is a key to it.’ As I Was Moving Ahead is a loving portrait of Mekas’ early family life, a song of beauty and a testament to the possibility of Paradise. Appropriately, Mekas concludes the film in song, accompanied by his tireless accordion:

I do not know where I am, and going to, where I am coming from. I have seen some beauty. Glimpses of beauty and happiness. Yes, la beauté. And it is still beautiful in my memory. And it is real, as real as this film.” (Senses of Cinema)

Read more about the film.


I Am Breathing
I Am Breathing

Emma Davie & Morag McKinnon

73 mins
English – with Vietnamese subtitles

16.30 – 17/11 – Hanoi Cinematheque

I AM BREATHING reminds us what it is to be alive – a tale of fun and laughs with a smattering of upset and devastation.

Within a year, Neil Platt goes from being a healthy 30-something British bloke with a great sense of humour to becoming completely paralysed from the neck down, thanks to the devastating illness he has inherited

Knowing he only has a few months left to live, and while he still has the ability to speak, Neil puts together a letter and memory box for his baby son Oscar and communicates his experience and thoughts about life in a blog – and in this film which he was determined to make. The directness of his communication mingles with images of the sensory details of a life well lived, and makes us revalue the ordinary.

Read more about the film.


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