Grapevine Selection – Volume 2

Grapevine Selection – Volume 2

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Opening: Tue 03 Mar 2015, 6 pm
Exhibition: 04 – 09 Mar 2015
Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts
66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hanoi, Vietnam

Following the success of the inaugural Grapevine Selection Volume 1, which was held from 01 to 04 November 2013, the Grapevine team is preparing the second art exhibition in March 2015 at the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts.

Different from Volume 1, which presented 8 well-known names in the Vietnamese contemporary fine art scene, Volume 2 introduces 6 young emerging artists from across the country. This year we will also offer additional activities such as art tours, art talks and workshops and other activities to meet the needs of the diverse public audiences.

The artists and artworks have been carefully selected by the Grapevine team, including founder Brian Ring, with invaluable advice and support from:
– Dr. Natasha Kraevskia (founder of the famous Salon Natasha and member of the Hanoi Grapevine Board of Advisors),
– Tran Luong (internationally recognized contemporary artist and curator, co-founder of Nha San Collective)
– KVT (Grapevine’s well-known and prolific commentator on the arts in Hanoi).

This year we welcome the participation of 6 emerging artists, including:

1. Trieu Minh Hai (Hanoi):
A technical student turned artist, Trieu Minh Hai demonstrates that art and science can combine perfectly and the mathematical concept of fractals can be portrayed by pencil on canvas. Hai brings to the exhibition a series of large-size canvases titled “In Restricted Areas”, which undoubtedly will stir up excitement among viewers.

Trieu Minh Hai - Trong vùng hữu hạn - Pencil and pen on canvas - 2014 - 135 x 190 cm
Trieu Minh Hai, “In Restricted Area”, Pencil and pen on canvas, 2014, 135 x 190 cm

2. Lap Phuong (Hanoi):
Lap Phuong has participated in several group exhibitions in Hanoi in the past 2 years and recently took part in the International Art Festival Sasaran in Malaysia. In the exhibition she presents a new sculpture series titled “Wing – Arc” in the medium of iron. Wing was inspired by the image of the ancient musical instrument “Khánh” while Arc is based on an obsession with the uterus’ form. Her works show fragile feminism yet their balance indicates confidence and a strong sense of self.

Lap Phuong, "Wing", Iron, 2014, 44 x 22 x 18 cm
Lap Phuong, “Wing”, Iron, 2014, 44 x 22 x 18 cm

3. Nguyen Quynh Na (Vinh):
Living and working in Vinh, Nguyen Quynh Na is not yet a familiar name to the art scene of Vietnam. She took part in a few group exhibitions in Hue and a showcase at the Danish Embassy in Hanoi as well as some art projects in Thailand, where she achieved her Master of Fine Arts. Na brings to the exhibition a series of self-portraits with obsessive features of the eyes and lips, which, according to her, speak strongly for the heart and soul.

Nguyen Quynh Na - Untitled - Oil - 2012 - 120cm x 170cm
Nguyen Quynh Na, “Untitled”, Oil on canvas, 2012, 120cm x 170 cm

4. Truong The Linh (Hue):
Despite his young age, Truong The Linh has participated in numerous group exhibitions since his early student years. He gained public attention in 2013 after winning First Prize at the Dogma Self Portraiture Art Prize and since then has been focusing on self-portraits using dark colors to deliver a social message of a generation being pressured and suppressed.

Truong The Linh, “Body and Soul”, Acrylic on canvas, 2014, 180 x 120 cm
Truong The Linh, “Body and Soul”, Acrylic on canvas, 2014, 180 x 120 cm

5. Nguyen Dinh Hoang Viet (Hue):
Nguyen Dinh Hoang Viet is a quiet and humble young man who is also a detail-oriented artist. Each of his paintings shows delicacy yet still provokes thoughts of destruction. He often draws on carton or newspaper and the subjects vary vastly, from small lizards, dead rats, or fish to huge military tanks.

Nguyen Dinh Hoang Viet, "Choir", Oil on newspaper, 2014, 10 x 13.5cm
Nguyen Dinh Hoang Viet, “Choir”, Oil on newspaper, 2014, 10 x 13.5cm

6. Le Hoang Bich Phuong (HCMC):
Le Hoang Bich Phuong was probably the first of the emerging artists chosen for this exhibition to appear in the art scene of Vietnam. Active as an artist since her graduation in 2010, Phuong has achieved recognition from such prestigious organizations as the Japan Foundation, the Danish Embassy and the Dogma Self Portraiture Art Prize. She has had solo exhibitions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and her work has appeared in group exhibitions in Japan, Denmark and Thailand. At the Selection, Phuong presents her latest porcelain installation artworks, addressing issues of unplanned development, and passions and regrets in society.

Le Hoang Bich Phuong, "Unblighted melody", Porcelain, 2014, 30 x 30 x 15 cm
Le Hoang Bich Phuong, “Unblighted melody”, Porcelain, 2014, 30 x 30 x 15 cm, photo by Vu Le

The program will include:
– Opening ceremony on Tuesday 03 March. Free admission.
– Daily tours to lead the audience around the exhibition hall to introduce about the media and art practice of each artist. Twice daily at 10.30 am and 4 pm. Free but registration is required.
– Collector and curator talk: Q & A with curator Tran Luong and an art collector (TBA) about the art market in the region. Ticketed event and registration required.

About the Grapevine Selection:
The Grapevine Selection series is a private initiative by the Grapevine team, as a part of our mission to promote the arts and culture in Vietnam. Our goal is to promote young artists, support the arts community while educating audiences and future potential buyers, and encouraging collectors. We aim to help develop a domestic art market in Vietnam as well as contribute to the development of creative industries in the country.

The Grapevine Selection – Volume 2 is supported by Goethe-Institut Vietnam.


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