Music Night “Awesome Tapes from Africa”

Music Night “Awesome Tapes from Africa”

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Awesome Tapes from Africa

Sat 07 Mar 2015, 8 pm

From Moon Gramophone:

CAMA ATK and MOON GRAMOPHONE are most ESTATIC to present a cassette-DJ set from the highly-in-demand AWESOME TAPES FROM AFRICA. FIRST TIME IN VIETNAM

AWESOME TAPES FROM AFRICA (African-music cassette DJ set)

“Armed with a suitcase full of highlife, fuji, benga, tsonga disco, soukous, hip-hop, rhumba and ethio-soul cassette tapes sourced on trips traveling across the African continent, his DJ sets epitomize the fun and vibrant spirit at the heart of any great party.”

“Brian Shimkovitz is the driving force behind a blog called Awesome Tapes from Africa, a repository of cassette tapes from artists who remain almost wholly obscure in the west but are screaming out for greater attention. Visitors to the site are greeted with the scanned images of the cassette artwork and links to MP3s of all the music, as well as Shimkovitz’s own pithy commentary.

One week it might be the squelchy Kenyan disco of Prince Khonjo

Or it might be an eponymous release from a singer called Ouobraogo Charles

from Burkina Faso, or a cassette of hunters’ music from Mali by Sékouba Traoré

It’s easy to see why none of these recordings have previously surfaced outside their primary markets: for one thing, the production in most instances is incredibly raw – and hence full of energy, with none of the polish that bestselling world music albums enjoy.”


80,000 VND (advance via ticketbox)
120,000 VND (on the door)

73a Mai Hac De, Hanoi


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