Art Talk by Trieu Minh Hai – Latcarf “Chaos and Order”

Art Talk by Trieu Minh Hai – Latcarf “Chaos and Order”

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Thu 06 Oct 2016, 3 – 5 pm
Heritage Space

From Heritage Space:

Come to Art talk by Trieu Minh Hai – Latcarf “Chaos and Order”. The art talk is a part of the program Month of Arts Practice 2016, which aims to promote the interactive exchange between the artist and the public.

Note from the artist:

‘Order and chaos always go together in art practice. I always look for rules of chaos to generalize it as an aesthetic order and I also want to go beyond or break down ordinary orders to find an artistic chaos.

Making art is not performing circus. But I always walk on a rope. How difficult it is to find a rope to walk on!’

Trieu Minh Hai (1982) is visual artist living and working in Hanoi. His practice includes painting and installation. Graduated from the University of Fine Arts in 2013, after working in the field of science – engineering, Trieu Minh Hai give a special attention to the relationship of art and science. He consider the knowledge of both field as an ingenious way for creating art works visually attractive and also rich internal significance. His series of pencil drawings were inspired by a mathematical concept – fractal. Using his imagination, resilience, and exquisite drawing technique, Hai dissected, experimented and dedicated himself to making this series in nearly 3 years. The artworks reveal a research journey filled with complex research and boundless creativity. The drawings are not only visually stunning, they also show a strong and poetic combination between the two seemingly distant practices: art and science.

Month of Arts Practice is an annual project of Heritage Space and was initiated by artist Tran Trong Vu, aiming to create space for composing, testing, practicing new art ideas, upon cooperation and interaction of international and Vietnamese artists.

In 2015, Month of Arts Practice has been very successful with the theme “Brownian Movement”. This year, the program also will be an opportunity for Vietnam artists with practice and learning experience with reputed international artists during 6 weeks (from 17 September to 31 October 2016) . Moreover, in order to support the development of Vietnam Contemporary Art, the organizer Heritage Space would like to create an open and interactive forum through a series of activities to introduce and dialogue between artists, professionals and the public.

With the theme “Finite and Infinite”, the artists participating in Month for Arts Practice-version 2nd will find ways to change the surface, the limited spaces, and the specific images. They will put on those other factors so that there are no longer limits or borders. For example, the visual game of mirrors, light, or repeated shapes, the idea behind pictures, or the integration of mathematics, geometry, philosophy into art.

LANGUAGE: Vietnamese, English with translation

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