HCMC – Goethe Institut + Heart Beat Feat. ALEX BAU

HCMC – Goethe Institut + Heart Beat Feat. ALEX BAU

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Fri 23 Jun 2017, 9 pm
The Observatory

From Goethe Institut:

This June is time for the 4th collaboration with our friends of Goethe Institut HCMC. Most people never realise how long we sometimes work on certain bookings, but this one came as a gift from Techno heaven. Less than 24 hours after our intended booking we had been working on for months fell completely apart, we could confirm with Alex Bau. Alex aka Bavarian Techno Machine and well known for his releases on Cocoon, his authentic techno sound and a long time star at the techno firmament in Germany. His tech rider will probably make the DJ booth look like the cockpit of a space ship. That means you can expect a spectacular long live performance from Mr. Bau. Of course we are lucky as always because first Credo, Bau’s imprint, is celebrating 10 years and we are expecting an new album from his hand any time soon. Expect a lot of new material during the show, that will be supported by Javier Marimon, joining Heart Beat crew for the first time and of course founding father Chris Wolter. Visuals provided by Swedish Vietnamese Erol to top it all up.

You already know Heart Beat Saigon as the purveyors of techno in the past bringing you artist like Antigone, Shifted, Henning Baer, Marco Shuttle, Etapp Kyle, Ed Davenport, Oliver Deutschmann and many more.

:::::ALEX BAU▲ Credo, Cocoon, www.alexbau.de
:::::::Javier Marimon▲ [ ]
:::::::: CHRIS WOLTER ▲ Heart Beat
:::::::::::VISUALS by EROL ▲ Heart Beat

► Playlist:

► NEWS: Since the very beginning CREDO as a label stands for an uncompromising dedication and passion for true, authentic techno, just as the mastermind behind the label, Alex Bau. Over the past ten years an impressive list of artists contributed their art to create a mosaique of modern, contemporary techno-sound that meanwhile is received as the “CREDO Sound”, both musically and production-wise. The milestone of completing the first decade is accomplished.


An affection to vinyl at an early stage is most probably the best precondition to become somebody finally ending up playing those vinyls for people. Somebody with a musical background. Somebody picking the right record at the right time. Somebody serving and educating people at the same time. Somebody being called DJ.


This fascination for records, starting in the mid 80ies as a collector, and later on in the early 90ies as a it’s still the music that counts. This is what Alex approves throughout his constant touring and gigs around the globe. This music is filtered by the DJ, performed in different ways, maybe even manipulated. But it’s the music itself which has the impact on the visitors of the club or festival so that their reaction scales the intensity of this particular experience. It’s the music itself which is the key element for a good performance and which has to be supported by a good, powerful sound system, a fitting surrounding and the technical way it is performed. Equal to the formula „the whole party is like a movie and while the people on the dance floor are the mainactors, I am just delivering the soundtrack. As simple as that.“

This exactly is Alex Bau’s credo. Not hard to find the connection to the name of his label. And it does not only apply to his dj performances. His numerous productions on labels like Cocoon, previously also on CLR or Sleaze any many more, but mainly on Credo, perfectly reflect the idea of creating the tension by quality and subtile change and progress which is needed to finally explode.

Bandcamp: https://credo-rec.bandcamp.com
Label Credo: http://www.credo-rec.com
RESIDENT ADVISOR: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/alexbau
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/54144-Alex-Bau
Facebook: https://facebook.com/AlexBauOfficial


►JAVIER MARIMON aka NOCHES – When you hear Techno in the underground clubs of Saigon the chance is very high you will see Javier behind the decks. First time for Heart Beat, yet a very familiar face for the party people of Saigon: https://javiermarimon.bandcamp.com/releases

►CHRIS WOLTER hailing from Hanse city Rostock, with a very active scene, as we all have experienced these past years. At least 5 guests from the Rostock area come over to Saigon. Chris is already more than 7 years part of the Vietnamese culture and of course founding father (Papa) of Heart Beat. Releasing his signature sound on Heart Beat’s imprint with his latest techno release of Chanhy by night and “Scorpion” following “Bubi”. Made his debut in 2004 as DJ and in 2008 his first set in Vietnam during the Hanoi Soundstuff Festival. Now also performing and releasing under his Alias Phuc Long on HRBR a new imprint with BAX as head honcho.

►VISUALS by EROL – no light show will be needed, standing all night besides the DJ’s this one man live show called Erol produces the visuals that will entangle with the sonic typhoon the artist create and release. It is the Lightning going with the storm, the techno Viking god in person and hard NOT to get hypnotized by his creations.

Intro Heart Beat this is the 26th installment of Heart Beat, also known as the Techno crew of Saigon, enriching its scene with their selection of “ Underground Body Music”, in doing so as a promoter, sound system, tiny community and nascent record label. Heart Beat brings foremost the techno culture to Saigon’s nightlife by regularly hosting nights. Here you can hear international renowned and local talent play classic & grooving minimal techno. They just call it “underground body music” Heart Beat purveyors of techno already brought you names as Par Grindvik, Marc Romboy, Antigone, Shifted, Henning Baer, Marco Shuttle, Etapp Kyle, Ed Davenport, Oliver Deutschmann and many more.


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The Observatory
5 Nguyen Tat Thanh, District 4, HCMC


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