Book Introduction: “Small Country”

Book Introduction: “Small Country”

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IF Hanoi

Wed 18 Jul 2018, 6 pm

From L’Espace:

You are invited to a seminar and introduction session of the book “Small Country: Congo, Burundi, Switzerland and Vietnam”.

The event has the participation of Quynh Le:
– Author of “Kinshasa – No delight under the bright sun”, “San San, the little girl with big feet”, “Petit Suisse and Dongo Dongo: Biracial Kids in Switzerland”
– Translator of “Petit Pays” (Small Country) by Gaël Faye, Goncourt Youth Prize 2016 and “Trois nuages au pays des nénuphars” (Three Clouds in the Country of Lotus) by Nuage Rose.

On our planet Earth, each country is as small as a dot on the map, but in the heart of each and everyone, it is their country that lead them to find the way back to childhood memories, families, and first loves.

As an author, Quynh Le told the stories of an old Hanoi of our childhood (in “San San, the little girl with big feet”), of love in a chaotic Congo (in “Kinshasa – No delight under the bright sun”), and on raising kids in a peaceful yet full-of-surprises Switzerland (in “Petit Suisse and Dongo Dongo: Biracial Kids in Switzerland”). As a translator, she connected the dots between the countries that these Francophone authors had left behind, then found their way back to after wars – the two book “Small Country” and “Three Clouds in the Country of Lotus” won over many readers with its loving regard to childhood innocence.

From a cultural perspective, these countries all bear in them the Francophone heritage, yet this is expressed differently in each of them. They are the language of love and poetry, but also of pain and violence, as if a mystery of the countries here on this Earth.

Language: Vietnamese

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Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

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