Exhibition “From Villages to Streets” by Vu Dinh Luong

Exhibition “From Villages to Streets” by Vu Dinh Luong

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Opening: Wed 10 Oct 2018, 5 pm
Exhibition: 10 – 20 Oct 2018
Fine – Arts Exhibition House
16 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem dist, Hanoi

From the artist:

You are invited to the exhibition “From Villages to Streets”. In this exhibition, the artist Vu Dinh Luong presents 36 works including 18 watercolor paintings, 9 lacquer artworks, 9 oil and acrylic paintings.

Talk about his art, the artist says he “has always been drawn to the topic of villages and streets, doesn’t calculate much when painting but let the emotions and feelings guide him – there are paintings that were finished in a nick of time, there are ones that had to be repainted over and over again, and not a small amount of watercolor drafts were discarded”.

As a person whose paternal hometown is in Hanoi and maternal in Ha Tay, he sees the change in both villages and cities. His memories of the villages are what motivated him to open this exhibition.

Each of his paintings is a small story of a sudden feeling, of familiar sceneries, until one day he felt the urge to put them down on the canvas. The artist works as a journalist, he travels and observes, the villages and city streets that he portrayed were from all over the country, from North to South. He painted familiar scenes, such as empty rice fields, old residential buildings, with the thought that one day these will no longer exist – urbanization will take over the vast fields, up from the ground buildings and factories will be built. Old mansion turned residential building will one day be confiscated then rebuilt. The artist wants to capture the images of the early 21st century with all its changes, with the old and the new co-existing in village and city life.

He used lacquer as an appropriate medium to the rural scenery, as a mean to convey stories through paintings. His art evoke feelings rather than describe, impressionism is visible not only in lacquer but also in soft, watercolor paintings illustrating the nature, while oil and acrylic paintings gives out a stronger, more impressive feel.

Trong san chua (In the pagoda’s yard)
Qua trua (Past noon)
Canh que Ha Tay (Rural Ha Tay)

Artist Le Tien Vuong writes about the exhibition:

“From villages to streets” – just the name could evoke in you so much, but only by seeing with your own eyes Vu Dinh Luong’s works that we understand how theirs palpable meanings move us – with unforgiving time, with the “game” of impermanent urbanization… City streets on one side and rural areas on the other, and between the lines are old street corners and villages interlaced with skyscrapers… Luong’s paintings seems to be tugging, urging, eagerly and gently finding the way back to hidden streams of emotions running deep between the old and the new, between traditions and modernity…. The trees, the grass, the bamboo fences, the street corners… are expressed diversely, at times with soft watercolors and other times with bold acrylic paints, then still there are these melancholy moments with lacquer… With the eyes of a journalist and of an artist, it seems like Luong is living, urging, exploring, and searching for a soulmate…

With the grand success of the first exhibition using 3 types of media, Vu Dinh Luong’s “From villages to streets” presents a multi-media game that is bold yet pure. And then one day, we will get to hear from the artist once again in the future…”

Khu tap the cu (Old residential building)
Em gai vung cao (Girl in the mountainous regions)
Ruong co quan Rong

For more information, please contact:
Email: [email protected]
Website: Vu Dinh Luong Gallery

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Fine – Arts Exhibition House, Vietnam Fine – Arts Association (VFAA)
16 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem dist, Hanoi


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