MAP 2018 – Talk 2: “Shadows, Drifting and Nostalgia”

MAP 2018 – Talk 2: “Shadows, Drifting and Nostalgia”

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Sun 21 Oct 2018, 3 – 5 pm
No. 11, sub-lane 12, lane 378 Thuỵ Khuê, Hanoi

From Heritage Space:

Heritage Space proudly presents MAP-Talk 2 “Shadows, Drifting and Nostalgia” with presentations from two Vietnamese artists Le Phi Long from Hue and Din (Nguyen Thi Tue Thu) from Hanoi, and Japanese artist Haruka Saito from Tokyo. The talk is going to be led by Pham Ut Quyen. It is a part of the exchange activities in “Month of Art Practice – MAP 2018” by Heritage Space.


As part of the 2018 M.A.P with the theme “Visible – Invisible”, MAP Talk 2 is a series of presentations and discussions about the process of practicing art of three artists:

– Japanese visual artist Haruka Saito will share her art practice in the past two years. Mostly working with painting and video, Haruka created a world in which reality, nostalgia and dream are interwoven.
– Nguyen Thi Tue Thu (a.k.a Din), a young artist from Hanoi, will tell her story of using art to face the fear of death. Instead of running away from fear, Din decides to spend time pondering, exploring and engaging with it – to finally build a world of death that is lively, playful and brilliant.
– Independent artist Le Phi Long from Ho Chi Minh City will share the Wandering Indochina project, which focuses on the Post-colonial Ideologies in Indochina which he started researching in 2016. Ideologies of the Postcolonial through strong cultural interventions that promote political changes and social, economic and cultural transformation within and across the colonized countries.


MAP-Talk is the core program of “Month of Art Practice – MAP 2018” project. The aim is to create a channel between international and Vietnamese artists, local art communities and the public through talks and discussions.

Further information about MAP 2018 project, please click here

Further information about the organizers, please click here

Communication partners: Hanoi Grapevine

Sponsors: Month of Arts Practice – MAP 2018 is greatly sponsored by TID Group, Dolphin Plaza building, the Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) – Danish Embassy in Vietnam, and Japan Foundation Asia Center.

For further information, please contact
Nguyễn Lê Minh (Ms.): 081-246-1330;
Phạm Út Quyên (Ms.): 094-910-5970

Language: English and Vietnamese with translation

Free admission

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No. 11, sub-lane 12, lane 378 Thuỵ Khuê, Hanoi


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