Ti Toay Atelier Looking For Foreign Art Teachers

Ti Toay Atelier Looking For Foreign Art Teachers

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From Ti Toay Atelier:

We are looking for Foreign Art teachers for our 6th Creative Boarding Camp.

Founded in 2013, Ti Toay Atelier is an Art education complex which aims to bring new methods into Art education and reform the inefficiently traditional ways of teaching Art.

With 3 main values which are Respect, Knowledge and Aesthetics, our curriculum consists of 6 courses based on 3 platforms: Media Art, Applied Art and Visual Art. We would like to provide a playground for Vietnamese students in Art as well as encourage their creativity.

Creative Boarding Camp is our annual programme for kids from 5 – 15 years old. Within one month, every child has the chance to practice Art, learn to think and live like an artist. An exhibition is held on the final day of the camp to show all the achievements of all the students. The topic of this year’s Boarding Camp is Contemporary Folklore. Participants will have the chance to remake 8 folktales in their own way with various Art skills such as stop-motion, flipbook, 3D, printmaking and light media.

We are looking for Art Teachers who help students develop an interest in, and the ability to creative expression in visual terms, using skills and techniques of Artistic expression consistent with guidelines; to develop aesthetic understandings and appreciations; to discover and develop talents of students in the field of Art.

The eligible Art teacher is someone who can perform the following tasks:
– Teach knowledge and skills in Art, including drawing, painting, lettering, and Art history
– Provide instructions that help students to develop aesthetic concepts, appreciation, and qualitative judgment about Art
– Instruct students to use and take care of art-making tools and equipment
– Understand a variety of “masters” techniques
– Evaluate students’ performance and growth in terms of knowledge and aesthetic understandings, and prepare progress reports
– Communicate with parents on students’ progress
– Participate in curriculum and other developmental programs.


The teacher must be present at least ONE day per week during the Camping time.

*Time schedule:
8:30: Check-in
8:30 – 9:00: Preparing materials for the lessons
9:00 – 11:30: Delivering lessons
14:30: Check-in
14:30 – 15:00: Preparing materials for the lessons
15:00 – 17:00: Delivering lessons

Those interested can apply for the job by sending your CV and portfolio to [email protected]


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