Discussion with Francophone writer Tran Thi Hao

Discussion with Francophone writer Tran Thi Hao

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Thu 25 Apr 2019, 6 pm
24 Trang Tien, Hanoi

From L’Espace:

You are invited to a discussion with Francophone writer Tran Thi Hao.

Born in Vietnam, she works as a Professor of French and French literature at Hanoi University for many years, and is currently a researcher in French literature at Paris-Sorbonne University where she obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in 1992, her DEA in 1999, and her doctorate in 2002. Also a professor of Vietnamese literature of the late modern period, Ms Tran Thi Hao is interested in the culture and literature of the two countries. Because of her job, she has had the chance to interact with students from both Vietnam and France. Thus she writes in both Vietnamese and French.

In Vietnamese, she introduces to her people life in France, its society & diverse culture, its people, the Vietnamese-born French or the Vietnamese living in France through short, long stories and novels…

In French, through her novels and thesis, she introduce the French to various aspects of Vietnam and the Vietnamese.

Her first novel, titled “La jeune fille et la guerre”, was published in 2007 by L’Harmattan.
From the 2016-2017 academic year onwards, this novel will serve as an online teaching material for students in France and French-speaking countries.

Her novel “La dernière Impératrice d’Annam (novel) Ed. Le Harmattan, Paris, 2014 was among the ten finalists for the 2015 Asian Literary Prize.

Her books are republished several times.

In addition to her works, she also provides assistance to various humanitarian associations. Currently, she is supporting the UGVF (Union Générale des Vietnamiens de France) to write the book: “Cent ans de l’UGVF”.

In 2018, the French Minister of Culture awarded her the medal Chevalier de l’ordre des arts et des lettres.

Published works in French:
– La jeune fille et la guerre (roman). Ed. Le Harmattan, Paris, 2007
– Une introduction à la connaissance du Vietnam (essai). Ed. Le Harmattan, Paris, 2007
– A toujours ma concubine (roman) Ed. Le Harmattan, Paris, 2010
– Proverbes, dictions, locutions usuels en français et en vietnamien (lexique). Ed. Le Harmattan, Paris, 2010
– La dernière Impératrice d’Annam (roman) Ed. Le Harmattan, Paris, 2014
– J’aurai vingt ans dans deux jours (roman). Ed. Le Harmattan, Paris, 2016

Language: Vietnamese

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