Cinémathèqueer IX: Fish In The Water

Cinémathèqueer IX: Fish In The Water

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Sat 22 Feb 2020, 6:30 pm
Bluebird’s Nest
No 13, alley 19, Đặng Dung Str

From the organizer

The story of the fish starts from a little pond.
Just like any other fish, it spends its whole life going with the flow.
From little ponds and lakes, to the rocky rivers, then finally into the wide ocean.
The little fish is well worried about the vast sea, because it is full of the unknown.
It longs for a companion, a fellow fish in the broad sea.
Oh little fishy, among millions of fish out there, who would be willing to swim along?

Valentine’s Day comes and goes with the last chilly breeze of winter, touching the heart of the loners, pulling the lovers together. Is February the month of love? Is this the month when we are waiting for love that is somewhere out there? No Valentine’s Day needed, because aren’t we all deeply, wildly and crazily in love each and every day?

That is why we save this screening for after Valentine’s Day. Leaving behind the butterflies in our stomach, the ups and downs of the day of love, we still need to love and to be loved everyday, and short films about love is what we might just need after all.

For this upcoming Cinémathèqueer, come join at at Bluebirds’ Nest, have some hot tea and chocolate and enjoy stories about love, about fish finding each other in its journey to the ocean. After that, stay for the night and talk about the fish within ourselves, our journey to the ocean, the fish that we have met throughout our journey. And if you are fortunate to capture Cupid’s attention, you might meet your own little fish, like fish in the water.

Free entrance, so go with the flow to us!

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