Exhibition: An Unseen World

Exhibition: An Unseen World

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Opening: 06 June 2020, 06 pm – 08 pm
Exhibition: 07 June – 30 June 2020
First Floor Gallery, Art and Coffee
168 Xã Đàn 2, Hồ Đắc Di, Đống Đa, Hà Nội.

From the organizer:

Join us for the opening of a new art space in Hanoi and the showcase of a new series of artwork from artist David Evans!

The show will feature David’s latest project here in Hanoi with a series of portraits on the subject of consciousness. Inspired from the New York School and the German Neo-expressionist.

David Evans is an American artist who has been heavily influenced by the street art in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side of Manhattan along with the Jazz scene in New York. David takes the primitive and primordial aspects of modernity and forms portraits littered with texts, not of the visual world but rather of the unseen.
Ultimately this project depicts the tension between notions of modernity which are in constant conflict with the inherent primitive state of humanity and its need for the unseen world.

The works will be on display for a limited time after the event.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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