Farewell Vu Nhat Tan

Farewell Vu Nhat Tan

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Vu Nhat Tan

Hanoi Grapevine would like to say goodbye and our gratitude words to the musician of the pioneer generation explore the freedom of experimental contemporary music in Vietnam, Mr. Vu Nhat Tan. As an audience, we listened to the compelling pieces of music he wrote on radio, attended and witnessed his “strange” electronic music performances with his friends, notice the media’s attention for a musician who makes different types of sounds, reads his interviews about noise music, about the sound of concrete cutting that he uses as a composition material…

On hanoigrapevine.com, there are numerous posts about his frequent performances, showing that Vu Nhat Tan was a hard-working, passionate and persistent musician, until his death – too soon towards the career path of a musician.

Vu Nhat Tan has contributed significantly to building a new musical spirit in Vietnam. And not only that, he has contributed actively to the development of contemporary art in general by participating in composing and performing at many events, large and small in the past three decades. He inspired younger generations of musicians, instilled a spirit of freedom of discovery, freedom of perception in many audiences, challenged the limits of what was acceptable or not, and created so an indelible mark in the history of contemporary Vietnamese music.

Dưới đây là giới thiệu về anh trên trang web Hội nhạc sĩ Việt Nam (tiếc là thông tin về anh mới chỉ cập nhật đến năm 2002- từ những năm 2000 trở đi là những năm sôi nổi và tươi mới của âm nhạc cũng như nghệ thuật đương đại)

The paragraph below is an introduction to him on the Vietnam Musicians Association website (unfortunately, the information about him only updated until 2002 – from the 2000s onwards is the exciting and fresh years of music and also contemporary art)

Vu-Nhat-Tan at soundstuff

Vu Nhat Tan

Speciality composition

Musician Vu Nhat Tan was born on August 8, 1970, is a representative for a generation of young composers specializing in instrumental music.

Since 1980, he studied piano at Hanoi Conservatory of Music. From 1981 to 1995, studied music composition and research with Associate Professor Tran Trong Hung and received a Bachelor of Music degree at Hanoi Conservatory of Music.

In 2000-2001, he studied electronic music composition with Clarence Albertson Barlow and modern music with Johannes Fritsch at Staatlich Hochschule fuer Music University, Cologne, Federal Republic of Germany, on a scholarship from Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst DAAD.

In 2002, he studied composition and ethnographic music research with Professor Chinary Ung at the University of San Diego UCSD, California, USA, sponsored by the Asian Cultural Council ACC New York.

His works have been performed in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the United States, China, Japan, Mongolia and Vietnam.

In addition, he also works as a multimedia artist and in many other fields related to music and audio, and also touring / performing music and electronic sounds. He has performed experimental music, impromptu music and electronic music in music events in Vietnam, Europe, USA, Australia and China.

Since 1995, he has been a lecturer at the Hanoi Conservatory of Music.

He has received these following awards:

Third Prize for Composition of Vietnamese Traditional Instruments in the Composing Competition for Ethnic Musical Instruments in Hanoi, 1992;

First Prize of the Saint-German-en-Laye composition competition in France for Memory of 1995; 4 awards from the Vietnam Association of Musicians (“Ngũ Đối đăng đàn” for ethnic group, 1998, “Phác thảo” for symphony orchestra in 2000, “Nhịp đơn nhịp kép” and “Áo đơn áo kép” for chamber orchestra 2001-2003);

The Asian Cultural Council Award helped him to train in music composition and ethnographic music research in the United States in 2002.


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